Genus Tech have created what it describes as a “revolutionary” new camera plate system, the Gen X, designed to work with multiple camera sizes, everything from the GH4 to the RED Epic.

The new plate is being marketed as a type of multi-tool, allowing for multiple setups and configurations on the one system. The plate is designed to work with wide range of camera systems, catering to both large and small camera bodies, removing the need to change baseplates for different set-ups.

The Gen X is based on an industry standard Arca Swiss Plate, combined with Genus Tech’s already popular Quick Release System (QR LOCK) which allows users to quickly swap between camera set ups.


“It’s the only base plate you’ll ever need” says David Thoms from Genus (no surprises there really).

Designed to support 15mm LWS rods, combined with 21mm long rods attached to brackets at both the front and rear of the plate. You can set the height of each bracket independently and is adjustable via a 1/4″ screw, for use with other accessories, such as matte boxes, follow focus, cheese plates or monitors.

The front bracket has a range of up to 55mm adjustment in height, with a 15mm adjustment in height at the rear. Allowing the horizontal offset of your camera, depending on if a higher setups is required (for DSLRs), or lower positions for larger camera systems such as RED, F3 and Canon C Series.


Price and Availability

The Genus Tech website has the plate listed as ‘awaiting stock’, with no indication of price as yet. However, when it does become available it will come in two packages, one which contains a single 15mm Rod Bracket Adaptor, while the other is available with the full set of two Rod Bracket Adaptors.

If you’re interested in getting the Gen X plate, then be sure to keep an eye on the Genus website for updates:



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