TC Electronic has just released a loudness correction tool that comes as a Pro Tools plugin or as a stand-alone app. The LCn Loudness Correct stand-alone version features a watch folder capable of automatically creating batch-normalisation of multiple audio files.

These days, those working in audio production for film, television, radio or online content are very aware of the loudness limitations placed on most forms of broadcast.  This new plugin hopes to make struggle with levels a thing of the past, by allowing users to apply real time, two-pass, off-line processing from within their host. The new tool is available for stereo (LC2n) or 5.1 surround (LC6n) and the stand-alone version runs on PC or Mac.


Watch Folder

Key functionality in the stand-alone version is the dedicated watch folder, allowing users to drag and drop their audio files into a user-defined target folder for fast loudness normalisation and peak limiting. The new, normalised file will automatically be created in another user-defined destination folder, and the application can be set to automatically delete the original file or keep it in the watch folder. Users can paste multiple audio files into the watch folder, creating a loudness batch processor. The watch folder will also work across a networked system, so users could install it on a central server and simply drag their audio files to it from any computer on the network.

The watch folder also features “traffic light” indicators to quickly determine whether or not a file is compliant with the chosen standard.


Peak Limiter

Peak limiting is an essential part of normalising to loudness, for broadcasters who deliver to multiple platforms such as HD TV and Mobile TV, it is essential to be able to hit two different loudness targets – typically -23/-24 LUFS and -16 LUFS.

TCE has a history of providing mastering-grade peak limiting algorithms, and their popular Brickwall 2 True Peak Limiter is featured in the new app, and comes complete with various limiter profiles and linking functionality.

The company has integrated the latest revision of the EBU R128 standard by adding a ‘Short-Term Max Limit’ feature that can be incorporate into the mix. This allows users to hit their loudness target whilst complying with the S-Max goals of the EBU R128-2014 revision.


Dual Radar

During processing the app shows two Loudness Radar Meters, the left shows the loudness landscape over time (short-term loudness), whilst the loudness landscape on the right radar shows the processed, normalised audio.



LCn is available now for a price of (stereo) LC2n: US$299 or (5.1) LC6n: US$699 and can be purchased from TC Electronic’s dealers and distributors or via the company’s online store.

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