Speed Line Cable Cam

The Speed Line cable cam company is a young company placed in south Germany (Kirchheim unter Teck), who specialise in engineering remote controlled cable cams for filmmakers using professional cameras from DSLRs to RED Epic.

Speed Line is a point to point zipline type cable cam system that is self powered which is easy to setup and operate, using a single cable anchored between two points. It is possible to reach speeds of up to 45kph on a horizontal cable or move as slow as 5kph.

The cable cam uses a stabilised 3 axis brush-less gimbal for smooth footage. The gimbal can hold cameras up to 4.9kg in weight, you can also program three different profiles on the gimbal controller (for use with differing setups). The gimbal can also be used as a handheld gimbal (an adapter is currently in development).


Size: 103 x 40 x 25,5 cm
Max. camera weight: 4.9kg
Max total setup weight: 12kg
Min. speed: 5kph
Max. speed: 45kph
Operating voltage: 14.8vdc
Constant amps: 180A
Max amps: 760A
Regenerative braking
Stabilised 3 axis brush-less gimbal
compatible with 6-8mm cable

The price for a Speed Line cable cam is 3800€ ($5198 US) plus shipping (shipping to the US is currently not available but will be rectified asap).

Footage of the cable cam in use:

Footage of the 5 minute set up:

Packet contents:

1x Speed Line cable cam (shuttle + gimbal)
3x 7.4v 4500mah lithium polymer battery packs
1x Programming card (for setting up the brake force, acceleration ect.)
1x Charger system for lithium polymer battery packs
1x 2.4ghz 6 channel remote control

*cable and the videolink is not included

For More Info check: http://maximschiller.wix.com/speedline


This article was amended on 16/02/2014 to correct shipping details.

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