You’ve been waiting all year for the 2015 update and today it’s finally been released. So get ready to set your interwebs to download as we check out what new tools you can expect once you have those apps installed on your work machine.

The new release brings a mass of cool features for filmmakers, including the awesome Character Animator tool in After Effects CC, which was announced last year under it’s working title Project Animal and allows you to use your webcam to animate 2D character’s facial expressions.

Character Animator

Character Animator

Premiere CC also has a couple of exciting new tools, first of which is the Morph Cut, which will automatically morph/smooth jump cuts from talking heads, meaning no more cutting to B roll. The second is Lumetri Panel, a new colour grading panel for quick colour corrections.

A much appreciated addition is the ability to stream Premiere video clips in Audition when using dynamiclink to ‘Edit Clip in Audition’, previously the clip’s audio transferred but video was left behind. This will make syncing sound with action a lot easier for those of us who want to do some quick sound editing.


Lumetri Panel

The CC desktop apps now feature an integrated stock footage marketplace called Adobe Stock, featuring 40 million curated images, made possible due to the company’s purchase of Fotolia, last January.

There’s also been an update to CreativeSync, so you can seamlessly move your projects from mobile- to-desktop or app-to-app, with Android gaining four of Adobe’s most popular mobile apps, and iOS getting a further two new apps.

The CC desktop app updates are all available now for download via the CC updater or from the Adobe website, HERE.


  • In Adobe Photoshop CC, Artboards lets you make multiple layouts of different sizes in a single document, and the new Device Preview shows how designs and interactivity will look and adapt on mobile. The Healing Brush, Spot Healing Brush, and Patch tools have been turbocharged with Mercury Graphics Engine enhancements, so you get results up to 120 times faster than you would if you were using CS6. And be sure to check out the new Photoshop Design Space (Preview Technology), a streamlined experience optimized for designing websites and mobile apps.
  • Adobe Illustrator CC is the fastest version yet—ten times faster and ten times more precise than CS6. Thanks to a new Mercury Performance System boost, you can pan, zoom and scroll faster and more smoothly, and zoom into your artwork to create and edit with incredible precision. And should your system crash before you’ve had a chance to save, just relaunch the app and your work will be restored.
  • Adobe InDesign CC gets its own Mercury performance surge with twice as fast zooming, scrolling, and paging through complex documents. InDesign CC now also lets you publish and distribute documents with a single click.
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC includes Dehaze, a stunning new feature (also available in Photoshop CC) that lets you eliminate fog and haze from images—even underwater shots. Or you can add haze for artistic effect.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC continues to lead the video industry and this is our best release yet. The intuitive and powerful Lumetri Color panel helps you make instant color corrections, and Morph Cut magically smooths and polishes jump cuts and dialogue pauses to deliver a polished interview. With brand new Creative Cloud Libraries integration, Premiere Pro CC takes full advantage of CreativeSync technology so assets like color “Looks” and graphics flow seamlessly between Adobe mobile apps and Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Photoshop CC and more.
  • Adobe After Effects CC dramatically improves your productivity with new support for Creative Cloud Libraries so all of your assets are at your fingertips. Uninterrupted Preview allows you to adjust a composition’s properties and even resize panels without interrupting playback. Make sure you also check out the groundbreaking new Character Animator, which tracks your movements via webcam and transposes them onto a 2D character.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC reduces the effort to create mobile websites with support for responsive design to create production‐ready websites that dynamically adapt to various screen sizes, and includes the ability to preview and test websites on multiple devices in real time.
  • Adobe Muse CC has instant access to the fonts in Typekit, making it easier to get your web designs done faster. Adobe Muse can also integrate blogs, shopping carts, and more using new widgets downloaded from the Library panel.


061515_CC2015_MnStockAdobe Stock

The new Adobe Stock marketplace has been integrated into the CC desktop apps, with pricing beginning at AU$11.99 per image or you can subscribe to a ’10 images per month’ plan at AU$35.99 (for CC subscribers).

  • Adobe Stock includes 40 million beautiful, high-impact photos, illustrations and graphics covering virtually every subject, so you can jump-start any print, web or mobile app project.
  • There’s the deep integration of Adobe Stock with Creative Cloud and the CC desktop apps that you rely on. You can launch Adobe Stock directly within CC desktop apps, add watermarked images to Creative Cloud Libraries and then access and work with images across multiple desktop tools such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, After Effects CC and Premiere Pro CC. We’ve made it incredibly simple to work with watermarked images in comps.
  • When you’re ready to license an image for finished work, you can do it directly within the desktop application you’re working in. Any edits you made to the watermarked image are magically applied to the purchased full‐resolution image (thank you CreativeSync) saving you loads of time going between your comp and finished design.



New improvements to CreativeSync, along with Android apps and new apps for iOS.

061515_CC2015_IconGPlayAdobe Shape CC, Adobe Color CC, Adobe Brush CC, and Adobe Photoshop Mix are now all available for Android in the Google Play Store.

061515_CC2015_IconHueAdobe Hue CC (formerly Project Candy) makes it effortless to capture and share production “looks” that combine quality lighting and color schemes for video, film and broadcast. Now the light and colors captured with an iPhone camera can be reflected across any video footage in Premiere Pro CC or After Effects CC.

061515_CC2015_IconPreviewAdobe Preview CC gives Photoshop CC designers precise, real‐time previews of their mobile designs.


Excerpts from Press Release.

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