Nikon Announces Partnership with Eponine Films

At the recent Tropfest, Nikon officially announced its partnership with Eponine Films for their upcoming feature film ‘Love is Now’ – a film to be shot entirely on Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses.

This shoot within a shoot is a unique love story about a photographer who struggles to find the success he’s been dreaming of, until he meets a girl who takes him on a creative odyssey that changes his life forever.

The Eponine Films team wanted to to see if there is a way they could shoot this on the same cameras and lenses used by the photographer, to get a little bit closer to that particular point of view.

They’ve made an introductory video in which Director Jim Lounsbury and Producer Behren Schulz reveal the technology behind the scenes and how they achieved the cinematic look they wanted:

Follow the full journey of the project on My Nikon Life:



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