The SBS Comedy Runway – New Comedy Funding Initiative

Australian television channel SBS are running a new funding initiative in the hopes of re-igniting Australian comedy and to find the next generation of comedic talent.

To do this they have partnered with state funding agencies, and are offering $20,000 AUD for each successful applicant to create a pilot for a comedy web series. They plan to fund and present a new online pilot each and every month. Successful pilots will then be considered for the production of a fully funded web series, the potential being, that SBS will later air the series on tv.

It’s a great investment for SBS with the probability of a number of stand out online comedy shows being transferred to tv. Popular shows will already have a built-in audience and online presence, giving SBS a pretty safe bet for the success of future shows. However, there’s no guarantee shows made for the web can transfer well to television, despite their online popularity. ABC’s Beached Az being a good example of a super-popular Youtube animation (with over 8 million views) that catered to all ages, to a barely watched children’s television series.

If you’re keen on applying then check out the Guidelines, and follow the steps below (reproduced from the SBS Comedy Runway website) .

Applications for the SBS Comedy Runway must include ALL of the following:

  • A filled out SBS Comedy Runway Coversheet
  • A short breakdown of the proposed concept (no more than one page)
  • An attached pilot script for a five-minute episode;
  • A brief treatment on how this idea would continue through a follow up web series
  • A production timeline and detailed budget
  • Team profiles

You must have also read ALL of the Comedy Pilot Guidelines (you should do this anyway, there’s important info in there!)

Once you have completed your application email it through to:


Good Luck and let us know if your pilot gets made!




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