Cinemartin has released the next generation of its popular Windows video converter, Cinec 4.0, bringing with it the ability to convert/encode and scale videos to 8K.

Cinec 4 is currently the only software able to convert/encode videos in HEVC H.265 v3 with resolutions up to 8K, 422, 10-bit or 8-bit. Along with support for 8K DCI compliant (8192×4320) formats, like those found in Sony F65 8K and RED Epic 6K.

The latest version also includes Google’s new VP9 codec, along with support for most video inputs, including Cineform, ACVHD, XAVC, XAVC­S, MXF, MOV, MTS, CinemaDNG, DPX and RED r3d (up to Red Epic Misterium). You can also now set a constant or variable bitrate to your conversions/encoding.

Custom Presets

Custom Presets


  • Custom Presets.
  • Text & Image overlays, for watermarking videos.
  • LUT importer, supporting 3DLUT from DaVinci, After Effects, and Iridas, amongst others.
  • Crop/Split.
  • Conversion of sequences of raw & still files to H.265, including DPX, TIFF, TIF, DNG and CinemaDNG.
  • Support for up to 8 CPU cores.
  • Sony IMX MPeg 2 converter.
  • Jpeg2000 import support
  • Decimal framerates

Also included is a new Up-Scaler and Down-Converter, allowing users to convert videos to almost any resolution, from SD to 8K. Although, we’re not sure why anyone would want to do that kind of crazy up-scaling. Nevertheless it’s still handy to have the option.

Alternatively, users can downscale videos from UHD or 4K to 1080p clips, or 2K to­ 1080p, 720 and SD.

The company has said its latest release is up to 40% faster than previous versions, with Main and Main 10 Profile specifications of HEVC H265 integrated.

Selecting and importing LUTs into Cinec.

Selecting and importing LUTs into Cinec.


Cinec 4.0 is now available for Windows on the Cinemartin website, with prices listed as Standard: EU€199, Pro: EU€299 and Gold: EU€799.

Sadly, Cinec doesn’t support Macintosh computers. We know, we wish it did too.

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