Cinemartin has always been about giving filmmakers editing on Windows machines, the same workflow as Mac users. So this new plugin does the same as what its Premiere Plin plugin does.

Basically, the Plin AE plugin allows Windows users to export their compositions or clips as either ProRes or 4K HEVC H.265 files.


Once installed, when you’re ready to export your composition, instead of adding it to the Render Queue, you hit File –> Scripts –> AE Plin, which will launch the main interface of the AE Plin Plugin. You then choose how you’d like to export the clip.


Cinemartin has said that when encoding to H.265 the file size is reduced incredibly. When testing they found a ProRes 4K 500mb file was reduced to only 5mbs when encoded to H.265. You can expect the same quality as Cinemartin’s H.265 Bluray ripping tool, an example of which is pictured below.

JFoster Oblivion

Price and Availability

The company has a number of different pricing options from around US$120 (for a non-commercial student licence) to US$750 (for the upgraded Gold version & a year of updates).

You can download a demo of the plugin and find more info on the Cinemartin website:


  • Reply May 24, 2016


    I would never buy from Cinemartin again.

    We purchased (circa $600 USD) their ProRes plugin (Cinemartin Cinec PLIN) for Premiere Pro and After Effects. It did not work. We contacted their support team and were told to re-install Windows and all our applications – an endeavor that we balked at given it would take us days. We have never had an application fail to work before.

    We asked for a refund immediately but our request was refused. We argued our case – the firm stuck to their ‘no refund’ policy.

    We argued again and they refused to listen. We’re stuck with an expensive plugin (circa $600 USD) that does not work.

    The experience of dealing with Cinemartin has been a huge headache and costly for us.

    • Reply May 26, 2016

      Video & Filmmaker

      Wow, that’s really not cool of them! Thanx for letting our readers know about your experience with Cinemartin. Here’s hoping it’s the rarity and not common practice for the company.

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