HEXO+ An Autonomous Intelligent Drone for GoPro

HEXO+ is an intelligent drone that follows and films you autonomously. They say desperation is the mother of design and that seems to be the case for the makers behind HEXO+ Kickstarter campaign.

**UPDATE** The Hexo+ managed to get its funding! They’re priced at US$949 and are available on pre-order, through its website: hexoplus.com

The makers behind the device say initially they got the idea at a time that they needed “a solution that would make aerial filming possible in the most remote places: on mountains, in the snow, and in all sorts of unpredictable situations that were quite a pain to deal with when trying to sync a drone pilot, a cameraman and a rider.”

It didn’t take long for them to realise they were onto a winner. The HEXO+ has the potential to change the face of sports filmmaking, particularly for the hobbyists and indie filmmakers.

(image from Kickstarter)

According to its makers setting up the drone is ridiculously easy. The drone will follow pre-set parameters which you set out on an app for smartphones/tablets. The app provides a 3D model of your camera’s P.O.V, allowing you to ‘pinch’ to set the distance of your shot – slide laterally for panning and vertically for height.

Hexo+ positioning itself to film its subject (image from Kickstarter)

The drone is attuned to its subjects movements, repositioning itself to match the parameters set out for it on the app, allowing it to track and film the subjects trajectory.

The campaign still has 21 days to go and thus far has amassed almost $900,000 (USD) from investors. The pledges include a DIY kit, which allows users to print out (via a 3D printer) a copy of their drone, along with a list of components and a copy of the app.

Once finally released the HEXO+ will have a price tag of $1099 (USD) for the complete kit with a GoPro Hero 3 or $899 (USD) for just the drone kit.

For More Info, check the HEXO+ Kickstarter campaign HERE.

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