Lensse has released two brand new dual follow focus the S5 & E5, allowing users to assemble their follow focus without the need to remove the matte box or other accessories.

The clamp assembling system allows you to set it up in seconds, by simply clamping it to your 15mm rig and fixing it to your focus ring.

Both the S5 & E5 feature A/B hard and soft stops, with a positional indicator that allows adjustment of up to 360º, so that it can be freely adjusted to suit your needs, no matter whether it’s used by an assist or by the DP themselves.


CU of the S5 indicator wheel.

The S5 also features removable and interchangeable hand wheels, allowing users to freely position it on their rig, meaning it can be moved to make way for wide angle or fisheye lenses, or for right/left hand use, or to simply avoid it casting shadows across the lens. The S5 also comes with a full hard case, to keep it secure when not being used on location.

However, the less expensive E5 dual follow focus (currently available for pre-order) has similar features, only without the removable hand wheels and hard case. But it weighs in at almost half the price as the S5, so definitely worth considering for those on a tighter budget.

The E5 without the removable hand wheels.

The E5 ready to be fitted.


  • Double Hand Precious Focusing
  • Left or Right Hand Usage
  • Two level dual removable hand wheels
  • Work With Follow Focus Assistance on Left or Right Side
  • Removable & Interchangeable Hand Wheels ( S5 only )
  • Professional Look
  • A/B Hard Stops
  • Manual soft stop white ring ( Rotates 360 degree freely )
  • Positional Indicator ( Rotates 360 degree freely )
  • Tension Adjustable ( Torque +/- %50 )
  • Precision engineering and manufacturing, all parts produced by CNC milling and CNC turning
  • Black military anodised aluminum: made of 90% Aluminium Metal, 9% 304 Steal and 1% Composite (S5 only)
  • Compatible with 15mm rig systems
  • Hard Case (S5 only)



Both the S5 & E5 are available for a limited time with worldwide free shipping, the S5 is priced at US$299. Whilst the E5 (available for pre-order) is priced at US$149.

For more info, check: www.lensse.com


Lensse E5

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