Marshall & MXL Broadcast Video Conferencing System

InfoComm Expo 2014 was a smashing success and is still serving up the greats, despite its ending last week. The latest news out of the expo is a combined Marshall and MXL release of their broadcast-style, multi-camera production system for video conferencing (quite a mouthful), we’ve decided to take a quick look at the components.


The broadcast-style, multi-camera production system for video conferencing (there’s that mouthful again), brings together HD mini cameras, a seamless camera switcher, web conferencing microphones, and new HDSDI to USB 3.0 converters into a single comprehensive A/V solution. This meeting production package is designed to work with Microsoft Lync, Go To Meeting, Blue Jeans, Google Hangout, and other popular web conferencing services.

The mini HD cameras are available for purchase now, whilst the  switcher, converters and audio components will be available later this year.







1. CV-340-CS/CV340-CSB
2 MP Compact HD-SDI Camera with CS/C Mount (Auto-Iris)

  • 2.2 MP 1/3″ CMOS Sensor
  • CS/C lens mount with Auto-Iris
  • 1080p(60/59.94/50),
  • 1080i(60/59.94/50), 1080p(30/25), 720p
  • (60/59.94/50)
  • HD-SDI (BNC), 3G-SDI (BNC), CVBS (BNC) outputs





2. MXL VAC-11HU3 – HDMI to USB 3.0 Converter

The converter changes the switcher’s outgoing signal to USB 3.0. Plug it into any computer to achieve a multi-camera web conference. An HDSDI to USB 3.0 Converter is also available, model VAC-11SU3.


MXL AC-2000

MXL AC-2000

3. MXL AC-2000 Four-Camera Switcher

This switcher features four camera HDSDI inputs with loop through, an HDMI quad output and a HDSDI Main output. The included remote control changes the camera view on screen.
5. Marshall CV500-M2/CV500-MB2
2 MP Miniature HDSDI Camera with 3.7mm Prime Lens



MXL MM-170

4. MXL MM-170 – Gooseneck Microphones

The MM-170 is part of MXL’s Mobile Media line of mics for mobile phones and tablets. In a teleconferenc-ing solution, these micro-phones work with the MXL MM-4200 Mini Mixer to provide clear, intelligible audio over web conferenc-ing services. Each micro-phone has an adjustable
15″ gooseneck and mute button.




5. Marshall CV500-M2/CV500-MB2 – 2 MP Miniature HDSDI Camera with 3.7mm Prime Lens

  • 2 MP 1/3″ CMOS Sensor
  • 3.7mm MP Prime Lens (inter-changeable)
  • 1080p(60/50),1080i(60/59.94/50), 1080p(30/25), 720p(60/59.94/50)
  • HD-SDI (BNC), 3G-SDI (BNC), CVBS (BNC) outputs


6. Marshall CV335-CS – 2MP HD-SDI/HDMI 1080p Mini Box Camera

  • 1/3″ Panasonic 2.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Progressive Scan 1080p/30, 720p/60
  • C/CS lens mount (lens sold separately)
  • Auto-IRIS Lens Connectability
  • HDMI, HD-SDI & Analog outputs



Excerpts from Press Release

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