Orad Showcases Broadcast Graphics & Video Solutions – IBC2014

The press releases for this year’s IBC show have started, with Orad being the first out the gate in announcing its planned line up. The show itself will be taking place in Amsterdam, Netherlands this September and is described as a ‘global meetup’ for everyone “engaged in creating, managing and delivering the future of electronic media and entertainment technology and content” (IBC website). So we can expect a lot of very cool gear to come out of IBC2014 and plenty of announcements in the lead up.

Orad will be presenting a huge line up of videographic gear for the show with professionals on-site to provide attendees with info, demonstrations and presentations of its MAM, sports and video server solutions.

Avi Sharir, president and CEO of Orad, said: “Visitors to our booth will enjoy exciting interactive demos giving them a feel for the endless possibilities Orad’s solutions can offer.”


IBC2014 Lineup – What to See at the Orad Booth

Sports Solutions

A complete toolkit will be on show to address the different aspects of live sports, including sports graphics, virtual advertising, slow motion replay servers and more. Sports graphics integrate with real time players tracking applications and visualizes the collected data such as distance covered and “heat maps,” for exciting sports coverage.

  • PlayMaker: sports replay server providing up to 8 I/O channels in multiple video formats, with synchronized slow motion replay and editing tools. Enhancements include a new studio mode, a dedicated workflow for highlight editing of multiple playlists from various incoming feeds, and FlexFX for real-time video effects and 3D graphic transitions for sports highlights.
  • MVP: Emmy Award-winning solution for fast preparation of sports highlight clips that better visualize critical plays, the flow of the game, and post-game analysis. Enhancements include Run by Run, where only the chosen player continues to move while the other players are frozen in place; iFly with tracked flying cameras allowing object tracking arrows and players’ highlights while the cameras move; new graphic effects and more.
MVP diagram

MVP diagram

Live Production
Orad will showcase its live production integrated solution covering the entire spectrum of the digital workflow from ingest to playout for both video and graphics, all controlled via the iFind media management solution.

  • Maestro: Fully integrated with the iFind MAM system, allowing the coherent approach for media management of video and graphics. The integration between Maestro and Orad’s mapping solution – WorldMapper – has been further extended, offering an integrated solution allowing the journalists to access the maps from the Orad NRCS plugin. In addition, the interface between Maestro and Orad’s social media hub has been extended to allow two-way communications between the first and the second screen.
  • 4Designer: Authoring software which provides an even more comprehensive real time 3D graphics authoring environment, enabling designers to create graphics for all broadcast situations. The new 4Designer brings significantly improved production tools for artists, enhanced animation controls, multiple working viewports, additional geometry import options, and real-time motion blur effects for graphics.
  • TD Control: is an innovative live production hub that consolidates different content such as: video inputs, video clips, graphics and data for either video boxes or video walls. TD Control gives users the ability to switch, while on air, from six video sources to six completely different video sources with the click of a button. It could also be used to generate and control lower thirds, bugs and any other type of on air graphics using sophisticated logic, as well as the ability to control video server clips and play them to air.


MCR Solutions
Orad’s Master Control Room solutions include everything from channel-in-a-box solutions like Blend, to branding graphics with 3DPlay, integrated to traffic and automation systems.

  • Blend: File based channel-in-a-box solution provides video playout coupled with real time branding graphics. Able to intergrate with iFind Media Asset Management system, providing file ingest, search, workflow and management functionalities.
  • 3DPlay: Real-time, branding graphics for coming up next, promo over credits, squeeze backs, multiple tickers and more. Includes an action-based graphics controller, which allows the user to create and arrange the actions in 3DPlay’s workspace according to the production’s needs.

Studio Production Solutions
Orad’s market leading virtual studio, tracking and studio solutions keep broadcasters at the forefront of technology.

  • ProSet: High-end virtual studio solution which can utilize any of Orad’s tracking solutions, including its Xync infrared tracking system with 360-degrees of free camera movement. The software offers material shaders that can be used to define realistic surfaces for virtual studio set objects, and shaders such as brick, ceramic, glass, metallic, mosaic, plastic, stone and wood.
  • PowerWall: Turnkey system for video walls is based on Orad’s HDVG4 platform and provides up to 16k resolution output. This single unit outputs eight genlocked 3G or 16 HD SDI signals that can be tiled across the video wall according to the size and shape required. Orad will be showcasing the “ScreenFlower” option that automatically orients the video wall graphics to the viewer’s perspective.
  • Interact: Presenters can control and direct the content on their touch screens, video walls and other input devices, with support for gestures including rotating, scaling, moving, dragging, tapping, holding, drawing, highlighting, etc. Interactive elements can also possess physical properties such as mass and inertia, with support for single, dual and multi touch displays from a variety of manufacturers.

Video Servers and MAM
Orad’s family of video server and MAM solutions has been extended to include slow motion, production and playout server solutions – all designed to increase productivity while decreasing operational costs.

  • iFind media management solution: Browser based management solution for all assets wherever and whatever they are – video, audio, graphics. A new configuration and workflow management modules have made it easier to configure and manage users, metadata sets and workflows, and now includes integration with the Orad range of server and graphics products.
  • VJ: An eight-channel production server, providing ingest and playout capabilities for various production workflows with support for multi-camera ingest in XDCAM workflows.



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