Blackmagic Design has released the latest update of DaVinci Resolve 12.1 which is available now to download. The update adds dozens of new features such as remote rendering, 10-bit viewers, new editing and color correction tools, and more.

You can download the update HERE.

The DaVinci Resolve 12.1 update gives editors the ability to select clips when using the blade tool, extend freeze frames, use faders on generators and titles, perform negative timecode offsets, filter clips more efficiently, media manage groups of selected timeline clips, sort bins and footage more easily, create better filters for smart bins, and much more. Users also get improved subclip support with Final Cut Pro 7 XMLs and improved audio rendering of audio transitions (oh thank goodness, Ed.).

For colorists, the update allows users to color correct nested timelines and to decompose compound nodes along with new manual keyframe options for Power Windows, support for 3D stereo decision lists version 0.25, filtering of keyframed clips, the option to copy flags and markers when performing ColorTrace and more.

There’s also added support for native display profiles on Mac OS X El Capitan, along with the option to enable 10-bit precision in the on screen viewers. Which means if you’ve shelled out for the new iMac with Retina P3 Display you’ll be able to see more color, detail and dynamic range.

Multi-cam in Resolve 12.1

Multi-cam in Resolve 12.1

Third-party OpenFX plugins are being released, with BM working alongside GenArts to to bring new Sapphire Builder support to Resolve. We can expect to see this is an upcoming Sapphire 9.0.1 release, which will allow Resolve users to combine Sapphire plug-ins together in any order to create a virtually unlimited number of unique effects and transitions.

“DaVinci Resolve is the first OFX host to support Sapphire Builder!” said Sapphire product manager Brian Fox. “We’re very excited that DaVinci Resolve 12.1 users can benefit from all the new capabilities of Sapphire Builder.”

Since the release of Resolve 12, it’s become one of the industry’s fastest growing video editors. BM has been busy conducting hands-on training sessions with the Motion Pictures Editor’s Guild in Hollywood.

“I feel like DaVinci Resolve 12 is the NLE users have been waiting for all of these years,” said Noam Kroll, Los Angeles based filmmaker and editor whose feature film credits include “The Grace Of Jake” (2015), “Shake The Dust” (2014) and “Footsteps” (2012). “DaVinci Resolve 12 offers the same track based system that many editors are most comfortable with, but also provides truly innovative tools that feel very forward thinking.”

“Since it was released in September, DaVinci Resolve 12 has been downloaded by more customers than any other version of the software and has become the industry’s fastest growing video editor,” said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. “DaVinci Resolve is now used on virtually all major films, television shows and commercials! We’ve listened to feedback from professional editors and colorists and are excited to give them this free update which includes even more of the features they’ve been asking for!”



  • Remote rendering on DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • Support for native display color profiles on OS X
  • Preferences option to enable 10-bit precision on viewers on OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • Ability to select clips when in blade mode
  • Support for faders on generators and titles
  • Ability to extend freeze frames from the start of the edit
  • Ability to media manage selected clips on a timeline
  • Ability to perform negative timecode offset in clip attributes
  • Improved support for sub-clips from FCP7 XML
  • Improved rendering of audio transitions (cross-fades) and audio faders
  • Auto scroll during timeline item resize
  • Improved sorting in media storage and media pool
  • Support for smart bin filtering based on clip type
  • Ability to move clips and timelines from a smart bin view
  • Support for moving files to the trash instead of deleting them permanently when using the media manager on both Mac and Windows systems
  • Ability to delete multiple projects and folders in project manager
  • Ability to decompose a compound node
  • Ability to grade nested timelines
  • Ability to filter clips based on whether they have keyframes
  • Ability to manually keyframe power windows in frame mode even without tracking
  • Ability to freeze the current frame on an external matte
  • User option to copy flags and markers when performing ColorTrace
  • Improved ACEScc support
  • Support for stereo decision list (SDL) v0.25
  • Support for RED SDK v6.0.4
  • Support for embedding timecode in audio output

For more info on Resolve, check: www.blackmagicdesign.com/davinciresolve

DaVinci Resolve 11

DaVinci Resolve 11

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