A number of robberies were conducted over the past weekend in Fremont, California where thieves broke into businesses by first cutting network services, security and phone lines, muting alarm systems.

In three separate burglaries, the offenders made off with a total of US$1.85 million worth of computers, cameras and video equipment.

Worst hit was the Blackmagic Design distribution center, in Fremont, losing 350 cameras, along with video equipment and customised production computers, with a total loss of US$1.5 million. We wonder how many of those cameras were the URSA, waiting for shipping.

Along with Blackmagic Design, Core Microsystems were targeted with thieves cutting holes through the drywall to gain entry, before stealing US$200K worth of gear.

“Someone that knows the industry of the video world where they were coming in and gearing towards the video equipment that they wanted to take,” Core Microsystems spokesperson Kenny Dang told ABC7.

Police investigators say the thieves knew what they were doing, that they acted fast and knew exactly what they were after. It was a professional job and investigators believe the offenders plan on exporting the gear to Asia, to cash in on the burgeoning Chinese film industry.

Surveillance footage taken by security cameras at the scene show two men, aged in their mid-20s, wearing a hoodies and bandannas.


Two days previously, Mac House Productions was broken into twice in the same evening, with thieves first taking computer equipment and breaking in a second time to remove camera and film equipment. The company’s security cameras captured the entire robbery.

Viet Mac, owner of Mac House told ABC7, “Yeah, we got lots of cameras and all our lenses are pretty much gone. They cleaned out the entire gear room. My mics, like little things that add up. They’re little things, but thousands of dollars for each little item.”

Over US$150K in high-end cameras were stolen from Mac House, with one item said to be worth over US$40K – likely an Alexa or a RED camera. Viet Mac is now offering a reward of US$10,000 for any information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

“We believe that these suspects, whoever they are, whether they’re from here or somewhere else, they definitely targeted these three businesses,” Fremont Police Dept. Lt. Geneva Bosques told ABC7.

You can watch the ABC7 report, along with the surveillance footage by clicking here.

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