Experienced videographers welcome to contribute to unique scenic video channel

Videographers are invited to head to a beautiful natural location, free of man made noise and ugly artifacts, mount their 4K-capable camera on a tripod, set the focus and exposure, hit record and shoot 15 to 60 minutes of tack sharp footage for submission to Teleserenity, the original all natural scenic video channel on YouTube.

It has been proven that relaxing to the sights and sounds of nature reduces blood pressure and calms the nerves. With lengthy trips to distant favourite natural locations discouraged today under lockdown, Teleserenity offers the public a free-to-view medium for enjoying nature remotely, from the sun setting over the sea in Spain to an English meadow with birdsong.

Further, during trials, consumer electronics stores have used early Teleserenity recordings to demonstrate the latest big screen TVs whilst the residents of care homes frustrated with tacky television programming love the calming footage free of sudden noises and unnatural colours – not allowed under Teleserenity submission guidelines.

Today, with much of the world experiencing sub zero temperatures, Teleserenity is crying out for footage of snow settling, or in warmer climes, rain drops falling into a puddle or lake – nature’s ASMR.

Yair Energy Limited, who own Teleserenity, will pay for accepted footage and include the videographers details in the description, including name and equipment used.

To view the Teleserenity channel, visit

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