Australian rock band Spiderbait have a new video for their song It’s Beautiful shot on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera as B cam and graded in DaVinci Resolve 10.
The video clip, directed by Toby Angwin, (Melbourne based Australian film director) had it’s share of difficulties with the weather transitioning from sunny to overcast during takes or just after Toby had started recording.

“This shoot would have been impossible without the camera’s wide dynamic range and ISO settings,” said Toby. “When we weren’t being blown off set by the wind, the constantly changing light was a challenge. But the camera’s latitude and extra stops made fixing the light in post easy. The images looked absolutely amazing, and I loved being able to shoot flat in RAW.” .

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera’s small size was helpful in getting shots in extremely tight spaces that were too small for even the compact Blackmagic Cinema Camera. “The puppets were so small that we had to get down extremely low for some shots. The Pocket Cinema Camera was perfect and could get shots in really tight spaces,” said Toby.

“There were moments when I would literally turn around from the editing desk, pick up the camera and shoot against the green screen. Thanks to the camera’s flexibility and affordability, I was able to make both the project and the camera my own.”

Once in post, Toby relied on DaVinci Resolve’s tracker and Power Windows to achieve the perfect grade, and he also took advantage of version 10’s new tools, such as new online editing features and OpenFX plug-ins, to help streamline his workflow and the finishing process. “I needed to make one or two edits, and it was so handy to have that functionality right there in DaVinci Resolve,” said Toby. “Also, having the Sapphire plug-ins meant I could give the footage a little sparkle at the end without having to go through another step. These finishing tools are a necessary part of the post process, and instead of wasting time going back and forth between programs, I’m able to have efficient and seamless access to them within DaVinci Resolve.

“The resulting images were impressive considering we had two cameras sitting in a laneway with a green screen taped up. We were able to get very detailed keys,” concluded Toby. “The end result was certainly comparable to many of the international feature films that I have worked on over the years.”



Watch the video here and for more information about Blackmagic Design’s camera’s and products, check their website:

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