DaVinci Resolve 14 is now available for download from the Blackmagic Design website.

New features include up to a 10 times performance improvement, a whole new audio post production suite with Fairlight audio built in, and multi user collaboration tools that let multiple people edit, colour and mix audio from multiple systems, all in the same project at the same time. In addition, DaVinci Resolve 14 includes hundreds of new features for editors and colourists, including over 20 new effects such as automatic facial recognition and tracking so customers can quickly refine and enhance faces in their shots.

The collaboration tools include bin, timeline and clip locking, secure peer to peer chat, a multi user database, and a new timeline comparison tool that lets you visually see the changes and merge them into your current sequence.

Upgrading to DaVinci Resolve 14 is completely free for existing customers. There are two versions: the free version, which is available for download from the Blackmagic Design website and the paid DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio.

The full DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio is now available for only US$299 (A$475). DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio includes the new collaboration tools, over 20 new Resolve FX including advanced face refinement, 4K and 120fps project support, stereoscopic 3D, optical quality blur and mist effects, film grain, de-noise tools and much more.

DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio is now available with a software activation key, which allows customers to activate their DaVinci Resolve Studio license on a laptop and desktop computer at the same time. DaVinci Resolve Studio is also available with a hardware-based USB dongle for those customers who want to switch from one system to another instantly, or for security reasons are unable to connect to the Internet to activate their license.

Switching from Final Cut Pro 7 to DaVinci Resolve 14: With the release of Mac OS ‘High Sierra’, Final Cut Pro 7 users looking for alternative edit software will find that switching to DaVinci Resolve 14 is easy and only takes a few minutes.

DaVinci Resolve 14 can import timelines from Final Cut Pro 7, shares many of the same keyboard shortcuts, uses a similar editing and trimming model, and gives users far greater audio and colour tools. There’s a video to assist

You can download DaVinci Resolve 14 now for free

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    Cinema Summit

    Have you used the automatic facial recognition/tracking feature? This is definitely something I’m interested in investigating further.

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