A new music platform has recently launched, that aims to create the world’s first virtual club night/music event, by streams international parties, exclusive artist interviews and festivals – DMO Live (Don’t Miss Out).

Created for the electronic music lover, DMO (, will soon connect venues, at different located throughout the world with one another.

The plan is to stream each night’s main #happening (aka party) on large screens at other club locations around the world and online, creating a massive worldwide party. The site will also present virtual parties where members can interact with their favorite DJ’s and attend dance parties regardless of their location.

DMO at Burning Man 2014 (image: DMO/instagram)

DMO at Burning Man 2014 (image: DMO/instagram)

Spearheading all the video production for DMO is the London-based post house, The Base Post Production, who were also responsible for live streaming the iTunes festival and Live Nation events.

“Setting up encoders, vision mixers, etc. at each location would prove far too time consuming and more expensive than we can afford. [Also] because of the frequency of our video streams from the various DMO locations and how often we’ll be on the move, the directors at Base Post strongly suggested we use the Monarch HD device,” said Mason Roberts, Founder, DMO. 

Matrox, (makers of the Monarch HD), have partnered with DMO, supplying them with a number of its H.264 video encoders. The units allow simultaneous recording (@25Mbps) and streaming (@5Mbps), along with the ability to be controlled remotely via a web browser (including mobile).

With DJ Ishmael  (image: DMO/instagram)

With DJ Ishmael (image: DMO/instagram)

“Our initial plans for the technical set up were extremely complicated and would not have been cost effective at all. This allows us to become more versatile in where we can stream from and saves us money by automatically recording what we stream, [removing] the need for external help when setting up at each location,” continued Roberts.

Whether or not we can expect to see DMO take its parties to the skies anytime soon, Roberts said, “The possibilities are endless.”



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