Grass Valley EDIUS 9 Now Available

With more creative options and real-time, no-render editing of all popular SD, HD and even 4K and HDR formats, EDIUS 9 is THE most versatile and fastest nonlinear editing software available. EDIUS 9 gives you real-time editing of multiple formats and frame rates all on the same timeline. That means you can edit faster… and make the time to be more creative.

Best of all, with EDIUS 9, there are no subscription fees — you buy it, you keep it — with a permanent license with free updates throughout the life of EDIUS 9.x. And EDIUS 9 users are eligible for a free download of NewBlue’s Titler Pro 5 for EDIUS.

New Features

  • Native editing for HDR material
  • Export in HDR for broadcasting and web distribution. This important enhancement addresses the growing use of HDR content and supplements the existing ability of EDIUS to work directly in 4K UHD
  • Ability to mix SDR and HDR material on the same project, and output results in either color space
  • Native end-to end support for HDR contents from professional and consumer camcorders from major camera manufacturers, and also for HDR video from drones and smartphones
  • Workflow updates, such as Canon EOS C200 “Cinema RAW Light” decoding, still raw file decoding and improvement of the user interface
  • Third-party hardware support update
  • Mync (media management software) bundled with EDIUS 9 implements a powerful new Meta Smart Search function
  • EDIUS 9 users are eligible for a free download of NewBlue’s Titler Pro 5 for EDIUS

Need workgroup editing? The ability to edit growing files? Maybe a Dolby Plus/Professional license? Then have a look at EDIUS Workgroup 9

Anyone who has purchased an EDIUS 8 product (retail, upgrade and educational version) between September 1, 2017 and November 30, 2017, will receive aFREE upgrade to EDIUS Pro 9. Simply click here and follow the instructions.

Upgrading to EDIUS Pro 9 from older version:

  • Upgrade from EDIUS Pro 8 and EDIUS Workgroup 8
  • Jump upgrade from EDIUS 2-7 and EDIUS Neo, including Educational version

Pricing for EDIUS 9 products are as per the below table:

 SKU ​Product Description RRP – inc GST
​647105 ​EDIUS Pro 9 $​683
​647129 ​EDIUS Pro 9 Jump Upgrade from EDIUS 2-7 ​$409
​647112 ​EDIUS Pro 9 upgrade from Workgroup/Pro 8 ​$273
​647136 ​EDIUS Pro 9 for EDUCATION ​$273
​647235 ​EDIUS Workgroup 9 ​$1368
​647259 ​EDIUS Workgroup 9 Jump Upgrade from EDIUS 2-7 and EDIUS Pro8 ​$683
​647242 ​EDIUS Workgroup 9 Upgrade from Workgroup 8 ​$546
​647266 ​EDIUS Workgroup 9 for EDUCATION ​$546

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