Sony’s CineAlta Magazine Issue 3

Sony have released its third issue of the CineAlta magazine. The mag is a digital edition and can be read at this link or read it directly below.

The publication is focused on production stories told directly by the filmmakers. It is intended to be an educational resource on how Sony’s large sensor cameras are being used in the real world, incorporating all genres such as fashion, documentary, feature film, music video, commercials, episodic television and much more.

In this issue:

Gorongosa – A documentary for PBS and National Geographic shot on the F5. Beautiful visuals accompany this story about the restoration project of the Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, this story is written by legendary documentary cameraman Bob Poole. The story features picturesque screen grabs directly from the graded RAW sequences produced by the F5. Shot mostly in 2K centre cut with HD lenses, handheld, and shooting aerials with a microlight drone, it is a great read in showing how versatile the F5 can be for documentary production in the wild.

Cover story: Cinematographer Steve Gainer, ASC explains how he shot his latest feature film EVERLY in anamorphic with F55s. This is the first feature film to shoot anamorphic with the F55. Shooting 4K in Serbia and sending the dailies back to the USA in the same day. It is a great read!

We Could Be King Versatility in vérité filmmaking: A powerful documentary shown at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC. Directed by two-time EMMY nominated Director Judd Ehrlich – shot with the F3, FS700 and F55. The filmmakers take us through four months of grueling shooting of two rival high school football teams having to merge due to budget cuts.

APP An award-winning AFI Thesis Film shot with the F3 and the F65. Shown at the Tribeca Film festival in NYC, Writer/Director Alexander Berman takes us through this production and how the young student filmmakers were able to accomplish it on a Macbook Pro laptop with no budget

Taking the F55 to new heights – 4K aerial photography of New York City – cameraman Arnie Itzkowitz takes us through his custom-made stabilisation system shooting aerials for various clients including Discovery Channel, CBS and America’s Got Talent.

Runway 4K – The NYC production company, BProductions specialises in video and streaming for the fashion industry. The F55 is highlighted in covering the Tory Burch event in NYC and the impact of 4K for the fashion industry. A segment written by Sony’s Keith Vidger explains the grading and workflow process.

Deliver Us From Evil – A feature film released on July 2nd in the US, shot with the F55’s and F65’s in 4K. Cinematographer Scott Kevan explains how he shot the film. The low light performance of both cameras enabled significant budget savings with lighting, another great read….

Breaking the Log – Young Cinematographer Richard Wong explains using the F5’s S-Log2 in shooting and grading the feature film “Man from Reno” to create a unique look to the film.

LUCY – Starring Scarlet Johansson, an action-packed sci fi thriller, and shot with several F65s in 4K, LUCY had its US theatrical release on July 25th. There is a Q&A with the cinematographer and exclusive behind the scenes pictures. A more detailed special report will be released alongside the magazine

Education: TIFFEN Filters 4K camera test – Jon Fauer, ASC takes us through the stunning 4K camera test with TIFFEN’s range of filters. “Here’s a must-see 35 minute film for every cinematographer, assistant, gaffer, photographer, image maker” The footage can be viewed on Sony Professional’s Vimeo page at

4K Underwater: Diving into a new camera system – Renowned underwater cameraman Dan Beecham takes us through his decision to purchase the F55 for underwater 4K cinematography. This is an important story in understanding why accurate colorimetry is critical when shooting underwater, an aspect that the closest competitor cameras cannot do.




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