This weeks winner of the Røde smartLAV is Paul Gorsuch

Paul Gorsuch, this week winner of the fabulous Røde smartLAV, is an Australian filmmaker from Mt Cameron, Victoria.


Paul wrote to us telling us about himself and how excited he is to win this handy little microphone.


“I was ten when The Beatles released their fab movie A Hard Days Night. Fifteen when Neil Armstrong hopped about on the moon live on television . After that it was sound and vision all the way. Did the whole film and television madness-The Good The Bad and Very Ugly-that was just in the Television New Zealand bar on Friday night. Lucked in and out of analog production until the mighty Digital Highway sign appeared.

No more fixing massive stuff-ups in Post.  Now I make them up myself. I have two largish films ahead, both requiring me to develop a working knowledge of Adobe After Effects. These software binges are payback for being such a SlackJack at school.

Thanks a million for the nifty Rode lav mic. Out here in the country we have beautiful and noisy parrots who hopefully may agree to fly about with the lav mic hooked up for a burst of birdsong. We’re lucky in Australia to have the brilliant trio of film and audio gear manufacturers-  Miller Tripods, Blackmagic and Røde.  Long may they reign.”


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