Xvive Audio for Video System

New U5 Wireless Audio for Video System is a versatile audio solution for video production and other speech-recording applications

The transmitter can be used to send audio wirelessly from the included LV1 lavalier microphone (via the system’s belt pack Transmitter) to the U5R Receiver, which can be connected to a DSLR/video camera or audio device.

The larger U5T2 set comes with two beltpack U5T Transmitters and two LV1 lavalier microphones, allowing you to send wireless signals from two lavalier microphones or other audio sources to a DSLR/video camera or audio device.

The U5C 3-Piece Battery has enough juice to shoot for 5 hours and Battery Charging Kit can charge three batteries at the same time!

Also available are the U5T Transmitter and U5R Receiver, LV1 Lavalier Microphone with Lock Function, and the LV2 Lavalier Microphone with 3mm Microphone

Xvive: xviveaudio.com
Australian Distributor: australismusic.com.au

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