Review: Canon 6D Mk2


Alright we know that this camera was released a couple of years ago but we thought that it would be a good time to revisit it and give you all our first hand opinion on the Canon 6d Mk2.

Now as we all know it’s a full frame! That’s right.. a full frame camera that is affordable. This is fantastic as this means you can take full advantage of Canon’s full frame lens selection,  Including the super wide Canon 16-35mm which in my opinion is up there with the best of them. The other thing to note is that it has a flip out screen which makes it perfect for vloggers, gimbal users and all those selfie lovers. At the time of release this was the only full frame camera with this feature but obviously with the release of the Canon EOS R that is not true anymore but if you have a look at the price difference the Canon 6d mk2 is still a hot contender.

One thing I really loved is the touch screen, it makes navigating the menu system very easy. It also has WIFI and Bluetooth which makes sharing to your phone and other devices quick and easy. Over all I found this camera super easy to setup and use.

If there is one thing the 6D mk2 does well, it’s the shooting experience. Canon has really refined the menus, buttons and triggers over the years and that much is obvious: there are few cameras that feel as good to use as a Canon DSLR. The record button is easy to press and is very responsive, the menus make a lot of sense and are easy to navigate, and the Q menu combined with the 6D mk2’s touchscreen makes it s super easy tap and change shooting settings.

as mentioned, the flip-out screen or “vari-angle” as it is also referred to, is my personal preference over the tilt screen found other cameras due mainly to the ability to see the flip-out screens from the side or front. Though they are often considered to be less “sturdy” than the tilt screens, in practice I’ve never found that to be an issue.

The aforementioned touch screen is very nice, and one of the better versions of the technology you will find on the market. It’s much better than the Sony Alpha camera touch screens, It’s especially useful when combined with the Dual Pixel autofocus. Tapping and dragging to focus on the 6D mk2’s screen feels so damn good, and the responsiveness of both the autofocus and the screen itself together craft a shooting experience that is just top notch. I also found it really useful when running the 6d mk2 on the Ronin S being able to tap the screen to lock on your subject quickly and reliably.

Sample footage

Price: AU $1999


 This and the original 6D are the lightest full-frame DSLRs ever. Sony’s top full-frame mirrorless cameras aren’t much lighter.

 Superb technical image quality.

 In-camera, as-shot 4:3, 1:1 (square) and 16:9 crops.

 Works flawlessly with all Canon EF lenses made since 1987; never any incompatibilities which are a growing sore spot with the once-great Nikon system.

 Quiet shutter mode.

 Weather resistant.

 High quality domestic Japanese production, not made in China or Thailand like Sony or Nikon.



 No facial recognition for regular shooting, so you have to select focus points manually when photographing people — a big slow-down compared to most mirrorless and higher-end DSLRs today.

 No second card slot.

 45 AF points, but like all full-frame DSLRs, they’re all in crammed into the center.

 4K video only in Time Lapse mode; regular video is 1,080 maximum.



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