4 tips for sound mixing on a budget

Sometimes it feels like making your dreams come true for a fraction of the cost is impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to Deity Microphones on YouTube and their new series on how you can get more out of your equipment, here are four quick tips for sound mixing on a budget.

1. Fight for the right to boom

The golden rule, for free: proper placement of your boom is everything. Regardless of how much your equipment cost, your sound won’t be worth anything unless you get close as possible to your actors or filming subjects. Hover just outside the frame or the actor’s forehead. It costs more to fix later, and starts you off on the right foot – ADR is expensive to sound good.

2. Work within the range of your budget wireless

Budget wireless kits have only short ranges, so you’re not going to be able to set up in another room like the big guys do. However, clip your receiver of your cheap kit to a cardboard box, place it just outside the frame line, and run your XLR cables to yourself in another room. That way, you can sit in another, much quieter room and listen in. Cables are cheap compared to wireless, and you’ll get a better result.

3. Learn to solder

Learning to solder will pay its dividends for the rest of your career when it comes to saving money, whether its making or preparing your own cables or fixing a breakage on the fly. Soldering kits are inexpensive, and can be bought in a variety of stores. You’ll also be saving the day, which will look even better when people remember you for your next job.

4. Budget purchases wisely

Budgets get easily overblown by unnecessary accessories, so before buying ask yourself:

  1. How will I be using this equipment?
  2. Will I be using it any other way?
  3. What else do I need to buy to get the most out of this equipment?
  4. Do I need bags or anything else to protect it?

If something won’t be used because you can’t afford all the add ons, buy something that will work from the outset without them instead. It’s a better investment.

For more tips, watch the full episode, which includes a chance to win a Deity Shotgun at the end!

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