5 tips to create the perfect 10-second video ad

The Guys over at Hoozu Connect “video creator marketplace”, have uncovered some valuable production insights of what is needed for social media video ads to be effective. With Facebook and Google publicly declaring that short-form video ad creative is a strong focus for their clients, Hoozu Connect has created a platform that connects brands to a network of creators to respond to short form branded video campaign opportunities.


Since the launch of Hoozu Connect, a multitude of our video content creators get constantly challenged to produce several variations of short-form (7-15 second) video advertisements optimized for mobile audiences.


The following 5 tips are a summary of what they have learned throughout the journey; Best practices you should definitely consider for your upcoming social media ad creations:




#1 Mobile first means vertical

85% of audiences consume video on their mobile device with consumption increasing exponentially on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Mobile is where consumers watch everything from video adverts to branded content. Most people hold their phones vertically, so horizontal videos don’t maximize the screen space. Think about how you use your own mobile device. We recommend using a vertical format, which will enable you to engage with your audience, while minimizing screen-distractions.


#2 Keep your videos short

Attention spans are shorter than ever, and ads are just successful if they grab the viewers’ attention instantaneously. We found that a brand story must be told within 7-15 seconds. In this case people are more likely to watch it until the end. Delivering a full message within an optimal frame for mobile can be challenging. What can you communicate in an extra short time frame? Focus on the key takeaway or benefit. Start with your most intriguing frame to grab interest. Select one or two key frames to bring your message together effectively and in less time. Using a split screen might be a worthy option if you have a lot of good material.


#3 Consider brand and message

Make sure to give the brand credit and a clear message is delivered. The earlier you can place the brand in the video and the clearer you can communicate the message the better. We found that social adverts showing the brand in the first second and introducing the product within the first 3 seconds are outperforming adverts that don’t. Keep in mind that branding is more than just a logo. What other aspects are iconic or easily recognisable: a font, a colour, an aesthetic? Use them early and often. Product demos boos results. Show the advertised product in use, keep it front and centre and visually emphasise key elements throughout the video advert.


#4 Design for sound off

A majority of people watch videos having their phone on mute. While you shouldn’t depend on sound, it’s a good idea to include background music. However, it is important that the message of the video advert can be understood without sound. Therefore, even when sound is included, aim to design for sound off and tell your story visually. Use text and graphics to help deliver your message. You can for example add a visual countdown and infographics to bring attention to the product’s features. Creating a cover for your story is a simple way to add context that would probably be delivered via audio in a TV advert. For example, you can use title cards in the beginning to get people to tune in.


#5 Use a strong CTA in the end

Your call-to-action (CTA) drives viewers to take actions on your ad. Convey a clear, simple message that makes people take action after viewing your ad, such as buying a specific product or visiting a website.



For more information https://connect.hoozu.com/




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