Some of us are just brilliant at using cables and then some of us (like me – V&F Ed) are useless. Hunched over, on the floor, ripping off bits of tape with your mouth, only to end up with sore knees and a sore back. Well, those days are gone with probably the smartest yet simplest filmmaking tool we’ve ever shown – the GaffGun.

The GaffGun only does one thing, it tapes down cables. But it does it really well.

Most Gaffs spend what feels like an eternity setting up and largely that’s because of the time it takes to tape all of those cables down. It has to be done partly due to OHS and also to save those expensive lights from being destroyed.

The GaffGun does it all in far less time, gathering up all of your cables and taping them down in what ever formation you desire. What it doesn’t do is roll them all up and put them away, oh well, we can’t expect everything!


Looking like something your old Gym Teacher used to use to mark out grass lines, the GaffGun’s body is made of the same material that is used for pulleys on deep sea fishing ships.


We reckon they should get this guy to sell it!


There’s also a FloorGuide accessory available which allows different sized/types of gaffa tape, such as they type used for vinyl flooring or double sided carpet tape.


Pricing and Availability:

The GaffGun comes in two kits, a US$199 kit (GaffGun, Long extension handle and CableGuide – Small) or the US$249 kit (GaffGun, Long extension handle, CableGuide – Small, Medium & Large, FloorGuide).

Currently it’s only available for pre-order in the US but the company plan on making it available to the rest of the world soon. Pre-orders will begin shipping in December, meaning there may be a few very happy Gaffs come Christmas morning.

You can order directly from the website: www.gaffgun.com

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