Raglite Flexible LED Light Bank on Kickstarter

Pioneering Fabric Mounted LED Lighting Systems for consumer, commercial and professional markets.


The Raglite is the first-ever FLEXIBLE LED LIGHT BANK according to its Kickstarter campaign and it’s set on turning the portable lighting market on its head. Just imagine not having to lug all those heavy (and not to mention dangerous) lighting rigs every time you have to shoot outside of a studio.Also the ability to be able to hold, hang or lay it just about anywhere, without fear of it over-heating.

With a number of different versions, even a specialised ‘cine’ version which uses colour accurate 3200 Tungsten LEDs and promises will be “great for shooting on the go or in the studio or if you have shot that needs a little boost. The final production models will feature a rechargeable battery for grab-and-go applications.”



The makers claim that the Raglight Cine will also give you “correct 3200K or 5600K every time, is a portable balanced light that is flicker free and dimmable, doesn’t get hot over time but stays constant for long durations when plugged in.”

Chad Soderholm and Sin Cohen set out to make a light which is extremely versatile, practical and affordable, with design features including:

  • Flexible Design
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Non-Heat Emitting
  • Long-Lasting
  • Power Efficient
  • Module Mounting System (attach D-Rings, Magnets and daisy-chain)



For a $750 (USD) pledge you can get the Raglight Cine mini (6″ x6″)

Which features “a filter to adjust it to 5600K Daylite. 0-100% flicker free dimming with no color temperature shift! Included 12V DC battery with 3 continuous hours of full level output! The same size as the RagLite Rugged but outfitted with NON-WATERPROOF, COLOR ACCURATE LEDs with a CRI Rating of 95!”

It also includes a number of mountable options, such as : D-Rings For Hanging; Magnetic Filter Holders; Velcroed Elastic Straps, etc.




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