Great news for those of us in the VFX industry, with Maxon unveiling Cinema 4D Release 16 (R16), the next gen release of the company’s 3D software.

In addition to workflow enhancements, R16’s new features include a modeling PolyPen ‘super-tool’, a Motion Tracker for integrating 3D content within live footage and a Reflectance material channel for multi-layered reflections and specularity.


King Coma (image: Maxon)

King Coma (image: Maxon)


Motion Tracker
Integration of 3D elements into real-world footage.

Interaction Tag
Control over 3D objects and works with Tweak mode to provide information on object movement and highlighting.

Modelling King Coma  (image: Maxon)

Modelling King Coma (image: Maxon)


Paint polygons and move, clone, cut and weld points or edges of 3D models.

Bevel Deformer
Non-destructive and animatable bevels.

Numerous improvements and dynamic features for precision.

Motion Tracker

Motion Tracker – Bringing animated objects into live action sequences

Other Features
All-new Cogwheel spline primitive; Mesh Check tool; Deformer Falloff options, and cap enhancements.



Reflectance Channel
Added control over reflections and specularity within a single new channel, with multiple layers for creating complex surfaces.

New Render Engine for Hair and Sketch
A new unified effects render engine to seamlessly raytrace Hair and Sketch lines.

Team Render Server
Enhancements including a new client-server architecture.


Performance and Workflow Features:

Cinema 4D Release 16 performance and workflow features, including a revised Content Library, support for the current versions of FBX and Alembic, a new Solo button, Annotations, a new UV Peeler and more.

For a complete list of features in R16, check here.

Pricing and Availability

Shipping September, 2014. Cinema 4D R16 will be available in Australia and New Zealand from Adimex Cinema 4D Resellers on shipment. Customers with current Maxon Service Agreements (MSA) will receive R16 automatically during September.

Sculpting in R16

Sculpting in R16

Excerpts from Press Release

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