Shooting your next project on a smartphone is fast becoming a serious option for many indie filmmakers. People may scoff at the idea, but last year director Sean Baker shot his indie darling, Tangerine, entirely on an iPhone 5S.

Many in the filmmaking industry also scoffed six years ago, when Canon released the Eos D5. Then Darren Aronofsky used the DSLR to shoot scenes on his hit film, Black Swan.

It was the same a few years later when 4K was first introduced, now it’s so commonplace that nearly all new smartphones shoot in the resolution.

Now it seems that every other day new equipment is released for shooting with smartphones.


Last week, IK released a new broadcasting mount for smartphones and tablets, the iKlip A/V, which allows you to connect high-quality condenser mics to your phone.

A few weeks before that, Swivl released the C-Series Robot and Expand Case, which turns your iPad into a fully automated 140º wide-angle video camera that follows your every move.

New Zealand’s Get Ahead Media, has designed a number of courses for business owners teaching them how to shoot videos on their smartphones to use in social media marketing. There’s even a course for advanced smartphone video editing.

The company’s founder Fran Jago appears in the latest episode of Rolling Tape, a filmmaking series from Youtube’s Borgus Network.

In the video, Fran gives her four best tips for shooting with smartphones, and it’s worth watching if you do ever plan to use your phone for shooting.

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Feature Image: copyright Get Ahead Media.


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