Convergent Design has released the latest firmware updates for its Odyssey7, 7Q and 7Q+.

Along with a number of bugfixes, users can expect to see a range of new vectorscopes available for them to use when recording. Additionally, owners of the Odyssey7Q and 7Q+ models (who have purchased the optional RAW bundles) will now have high-speed RAW recording with ProRes support.

The new update is available now and can be downloaded HERE.



Vectorscope (all models)
Analog or Digital Trace
Trace display in green or color (true CbCr)
Variable Zoom 1.0x – 15.0x (Finger Drag left-right)
Zoom Presets 1,2,5,10,15x (Finger Drag up-down)

FS7/FS700 (7Q & 7Q+ only):
4K RAW -> 4K Apple ProRes, 50p & 60p added
4K RAW -> UHD Apple ProRes, 50p & 60p added
2K RAW HS -> HD Apple ProRes, 100p, 120p, 200p, 240p
(Only one SSD can be mounted for recording 2K HS Apple ProRes)
(Only Odyssey int. TC supported (Seed, Time-of-Day DF & NDF)

FS700 (7Q & 7Q+ only):
4K RAW Burst -> 4K Apple ProRes, 100p & 120p
4K RAW Burst -> UHD Apple ProRes, 100p & 120p

Canon C300 MKII RAW Support (7Q & 7Q+ only):
4K RAW recording up to 30p
QHD RAW recording up to 30p
4K RAW -> 4K Apple ProRes up to 30p
QHD RAW -> UHD Apple ProRes up to 30p

(*Requires Odyssey RAW Bundle)


  • FIXED Audio issues in 1080i59.94 playback
  • FIXED 4K to 2K/HD Downscale Line at the bottom of image.
  • IMPROVED Color Bars
  • IMPROVED Odyssey Menu Font


Excerpts from Announcement


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