Shot-Line has just released an updated version of its cable cam, the Linear HD, which now boasts remote control.

The new and  improved Linear range was developed for an ever growing market of amateur filmmakers making their move towards professional work. Listening to its customer base, Shot-Line has attempted to deliver a range of cable camera dollies that were affordable, with ease of use and a speedy setup, without skimping on quality.

First off the block is the Linear HD, which the company says provides a smoother drive and extra features.


Modifications on the new unit include a slight size increase for stability and a built-in quick release rail system, allowing users to easily slide a DJI Ronin on or off. There’s also an upcoming mount plate, that will allow users to add a variety of gimbals – from the smaller type gimbal (such as used with a GoPro), right up to large high-end DSLR type gimbals, like the Movi range.

The new unit also features built-in channel ports, allowing ‘plug and play’ so users can control accessories or gimbals on the same controller.


Other mods include a new drive system, featuring dual groove pulleys. Users can now adjust the system by simply repositioning the rope, which changes the min and max speed of the cable cam.

The new system uses 7.4V to 14.8V Lipo batteries, so you can go from filming a walking scene to capturing a cyclist all with a couple quick switches. Shot-Line has also said it intends to release interchangeable gearboxes, which will be able to achieve far slower shots.



The Linear HD is currently available on pre-order at a special price of (UK)£810.

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Weight:  1KG (Without Battery)
Carry Weight:   Variable  With Different Gearbox Setups. 5:1 OR 16:1
Attachments:  DJI Ronin-M (Recommended but ability to take others)
Battery Type:  Lipo
Battery:  2S – 4S (7.4V – 14.8V) recommended
Pulley Dual Speed Pulley (Switching Rope Between Grooves Offers Different Speeds)
Speed: With 5:1 Gearbox between 4 – 17MPH (Depending On Pulley Groove And Battery)


Excerpts from Press Release.

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