Arri Amira to Begin Shipping – NAB 2014

Arri have just announced the highly anticipated AMIRA documentary-style camera, available in a range of upgradeable packages, will begin shipping in April.

AMIRA is the versatile documentary-style camera that combines exceptional image quality and affordable CFast 2.0 workflows with an ergonomic design optimized for single-operator use and extended shoulder-mounted operation. Ready to pick up and shoot straight out of the camera bag, AMIRA is hardy enough to take anywhere and features in-camera grading with preloaded 3D LUTs, as well as 200 fps slow motion. It is suitable for a variety of production types, from reportage and corporate films to TV drama and low-budget movies.

In today’s environment of lower budgets and shortened schedules, TV productions often do not have the luxury of spending significant time finessing a ‘look’ in post. AMIRA is unique in that it comes with a number of 3D LUT-based Looks that can be applied on set during the shoot. Alternatively, productions can custom build their own 3D LUTs in external grading systems, load them into the camera during prep, and even modify them in-camera while filming. Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the first non-linear editing system supporting the color management of AMIRA QuickTime ProRes files. Premiere can apply look files (including 3D LUTs) that are included in AMIRA files and convert automatically from Log C to REC 709 within an easy, fail-safe system. Similar announcements for other major post production tools are expected to follow soon.

There are three camera configurations to choose from, differentiated by their feature sets. Customers then complete their package by selecting whatever combination of lens mount, battery mount and bottom plate meets their needs. Whichever AMIRA camera set is initially chosen, it can be upgraded with additional functionality by purchasing a license at the ARRI website.

The Economical – AMIRA CAMERA SET
Features include: HD 1080i and 1080p; 0.75-100 fps; ProRes 422 and 422 (LT) recording in Rec 709; three looks; adjustable in-camera image parameters for knee, gamma and saturation; peaking for focus control; zebra and false color for exposure control.

The All-Rounder – AMIRA ADVANCED
Features additional to the economical AMIRA set: 100-200 fps; ProRes 422 (HQ) recording; Log C; unlimited Look functions; import Looks; ASC CDL in-camera grading; dynamic auto-tracking white balance^; WiFi remote control^; Bluetooth audio monitoring^; pre-record function^.

The All-Inclusive – AMIRA PREMIUM

Features additional to the AMIRA Advanced: 2K (2048 x 1152) and ProRes 4444 recording; import custom 3D LUTs.


Same 35 mm sensor as ALEXA
Dynamic range of 14+ stops
Natural colors and skin tones
HD 1080/2K; Log C/Rec 709
ProRes up to 4444 on CFast 2.0 cards
Up to 200 fps – full image size


Quick start-up – ready to shoot
Optimized for the single operator
Sliding dovetails – perfect shoulder balance
Internal ND filters (0.6/1.2/2.1)
OLED eyepiece and fold-away LCD monitor
Multi-channel audio – easy-access controls


Preloaded/custom-built 3D LUTs and Looks
Adjustable Looks – total color control on set
High creativity, low postproduction costs


Rugged and reliable ARRI build quality
Upgradeable hardware and software
Solid lens mounts (PL/B4 2/3”/EF)
Sealed electronics and efficient cooling

Pricing begins at $39,999.00

For more go to:

^ available with upcoming Software Update Package 2/3


Excerpts from press Release.

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