Some snowy images of the ‘Blue Line’ shoot (Directed by Jacob Coony).

A number of DPA microphones were employed by Production Sound Mixer Peter Ølsted, including d:screet 4061 Miniature and d:dicate 4017A Shotgun and 4018A Microphones.

“A lot of the locations were empty and wide-open warehouses that can often cause a lot of audio problems, but the rear rejection of the DPA mics was a perfect solution for these settings. We were filming in the brutal, cold and windy winter weather of New England and the mics definitely held up. I was amazed that I didn’t have a single issue with wind noise” said Ølsted.


Since Blue Line is a train heist movie, Ølsted needed to mic the interiors of vehicles, often turning to the d:screet 4061s and d:dicate 4018s.

“There was one scene where we had to film three cars at one time,” he continues. “I placed the mics in various places around the cars and the sound we got from that was really great. For exterior scenes requiring wider shots, we used the d:dicate 4017. We could be four- or five-feet away from the actors and would still get crystal clear dialogue.”


DPA Microphones:

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