DAMsmart significantly expands archival film scanning capabilities

As part of its continued expansion and commitment to the specialist needs of film archives within Australia and the Asia Pacific region, DAMsmart, one of Australia’s leading media digitisation companies, has purchased and installed a new Muller HDS+ 2K/4K capable archival film scanner.

DAMsmart GM Joe Kelly explained the decision behind the major new investment saying, “This excellent scanner supports all 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm film gauges – standard and super formats – and offers very high quality outputs for owners or custodians of archival film collections. The system has all the features expected of a dedicated archival scanner such as sprocketless capstan transport, cool adjustable LED light source, laser registration and stabilisation, frame by frame scanning and support for magnetic and optical soundtracks.”

Having the Muller HDS+ in their inventory now also enables DAMsmart to offer customers wetgate scanning for high value films and restoration projects – a first for 8mm and 9.5mm collections. The scanner Muller HDS+ has also been commissioned and its worth proven and recognised by many renowned film archives, film studios and media service providers all around the world.

Kelly continued, “By having our new Muller scanner at their disposal DAMsmart clients are now able to order full preservation packages for their 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm film collections in any resolution and file format up to 4K. They can also order restoration packages that utilise wetgate scanning, image stabilisation, dust and grain management and colour correction to enable the best image outcomes for preservation, exhibitions, websites, stock footage sales or even UHD/4K production using archival source material.”

DAMsmart has digitised millions of feet of archival film for collection owners since the company launched eleven years ago and the company is renowned for the care and attention to detail they place on ensuring correct film handling, preparation and repair of even the most fragile and damaged films.

Joe Kelly concluded, “This new scanner and the new services we can offer as a result of acquiring it ensure that archival film collections can also be digitised and repurposed for consumption on multiple distribution platforms from the traditional to the latest 4K streaming platforms. It’s taking digitisation and archiving in Australia and Asia Pac to the next level.”

About DAMSmart

DAMsmart, a Silver Trak Digital company, is Australia’s leading audiovisual digitisation service provider. We deliver to you a dedicated and crafted service to digitise and save your videotape, audio or film archive. It’s all we do – it’s our passion.
We set-up the business over ten years ago to make it possible for you, and any other collection owner, to safely and professionally digitise AV content, so you can make sure it is around for years to come. We are not a duplication, media storage or post-production facility that does a bit of digitisation on the side. Digitising collections of moving image and recorded sound for long-term preservation and access is all we do, every day. We are experts, and no other service provider in our region can demonstrate the same level of expertise or project success.

For us, there are two absolutely crucial elements that are needed to enable us to safeguard your content for the future: access to the right technology to perform the task and the expertise and knowledge to use it. DAMsmart has both.


About Silver Trak Digital

Silver Trak Digital is a technology company providing content owners and media companies with innovative, software, cloud-based media logistics and distribution services.

With over 30 years of experience, the company is trusted by the industry’s biggest names and is an important supplier to broadcast, media, production, distribution, government and corporate markets. Silver Trak Digital’s staff have a wealth of experience in versioning and compliance, content aggregation, media management and sales fulfilment. 

Through many Australian media industry firsts, Silver Trak Digital’s media services enable content owners and media companies to address the complexities they face operating in a globalised market place.


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