Recently, for the post-production of a VODville sketch, a new YouTube comedy channel I’m involved with, I had to create a quick TV News overlay for a TV screen composited shot.

Tutorial by Julien Chichignoud.

The final result, which you can see in the image above, was inspired by the Australian public broadcaster ABC.

We thought we’d share the After Effects composition for anyone to use.

Some of its features are:

  • Live Text template, all the text is directly editable in Premiere
  • The shapes behind the text automatically adapt their sizes to the length of the text, through Javascript expressions
  • The bottom text scrolls up every 5 seconds to reveal a new one (the template is 1min long)
  • The text and shapes colour scheme can be edited easily in After Effects
  • Change the font to your liking
  • Add in your own logo (currently a PSD file that you can edit in Photoshop)
  • Bring the opacity of the “TV lines” pattern up or down (it’s on an adjustment layer on top of the AE composition, and will affect both the overlays and the footage underneath it)

Here it is in action:

The Live Text feature means you can use it without even opening After Effects.

If you’re unfamiliar with how the templates work in Premiere, here’s a step-by-step:

  • Through the Premiere Pro Media Browser, navigate to the .aep file and select it
  • After a few seconds, the contents of the file should load, and you should see a composition called TVNews_Overlay which you can drag and drop in your project
  • Drag the composition on your timeline, select it, and open the Effects Control panel
  • Switch to the “Master Effects” tab and you should see some editable text fields looking like this:
The Text boxes are editable in the Premiere Master Effect Controls panel.

The Text boxes are editable in the Premiere Master Effect Controls panel.

That’s it! If you want to use it more than once in your edit, make sure to duplicate the composition in your Project Panel, otherwise any changes you make to the text field will affect every instance of the composition in your project.

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Download the ZIP file HERE

If you use it in a project, send us a link on Facebook!

Please note that the version of After Effects and Premiere that was released on June 22nd (2015.3) currently has a bug that will break this template. Use it in the previous version of Premiere and AE until Adobe releases a fix (which is apparently coming very soon).


Julien Chichignoud has worked as a professional Editor for over a decade. He began his career in France as a Broadcast Technician and Editor for networks such as TV5MONDE and Orange Sports, before moving to his adopted home of Sydney, Australia; where he works as a freelance Editor and Colourist.

To find out more about Julien, check his website:

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