A new online platform for filmmakers is set to launch in the UK later this year – Movidiam, which aims to bring together a network of filmmakers for collaborative projects, whilst also providing potential clients access to multiple freelance artists.

Movidiam’s hopes to bring “brands, agencies and filmmakers across the globe to connect, collaborate and create films.” We’ve seen a number of these kinds of collaborative filmmaking platforms emerging over recent years. Our good friends at ProCreate have a similar global village outlook, but largely serve the USA and North America.

While it is true that post production and some aspects of filmmaking can be done virtually anywhere (e.g, a UK film could have a Indonesian VFX house working on it), the bottom line is that most crews need to be physically present on a project. Which is why, networking within or near your location is important, unless of course you work in post, or are prepared to travel for a project. And hey, if the pay is good, then why not?

Movidiam will serve much of the UK & Europe filmmaking community and is offering pre-launch registrations which will give you two months of free use, for a usual cost of $25 a month for ‘Pro’ membership (there’s also a regular free membership).


It’s true to say that filmmaking has been permanently democratised these days. Ever since the digital revolution, filmmaking has become a bit of an ‘any man/woman’ occupation, you no longer need a degree or studio backing to make a feature film anymore. Added to that is the fact that indie filmmakers now have access to inexpensive programs and equipment that is almost as good as the big-budget studio films.

Collaboration is the key for any indie filmmaking. Each member of the crew bring their knowledge and experience to a micro-budget project, often with only an agreement in place that says, ‘I’ll work on your film, if you promise to work on mine’.

Networking, is the greatest tool in the indie filmmakers pocket, opening opportunities for more collaboration or paid work. Movidiam’s founders George Olver and Alex Vero, who together have over twenty years of filmmaking experience, designed the platform with this mindset.

They said, “We have lived and breathed the transformation of the film industry and we feel that this is only the start of a very exciting journey.”

“We believe that connecting this network of professionals with global opportunities and providing them with streamlined and collaborative production features, built specifically for filmmaking, will create a truly unique community and platform for the production of incredible films.”


The duo see the platform with three prospective user groups:

BRANDS“can search through the extensive network of agencies, production companies and freelance filmmakers to find the right fit for the project.”

AGENCIES “can create profiles for free, collaborate with the network of talented freelance filmmakers and manage projects seamlessly by streamlining the production process from concept to completion. Result: spend less time organising and more time creating.”

FILMMAKERS“profile for free, showcase your portfolio, find work through enhanced visibility, connect with opportunities across the globe and get paid through a secure payment system.”


If you’re interested in pre-registering before the platform’s launch, then you can do so by visiting the Movidiam website, here.

We’re looking forward to seeing these collaborations and projects kicking off through this new opportunity for our readers. So be sure and keep V&F up-to-date on your Movidiam (or ProCreate) projects by commenting below, or via Facebook or Twitter.

The video below outlines the platforms benefits for filmmakers and explaining how it can be used. Check out the Movidiam website for more videos and plenty of information, to get you excited and prepared for its launch.


Excerpts from PR

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