NEP expands 4K capabilities with Sony

Sony Australia has welcomed NEP Australia’s significant expansion of its 4K inventory, equipment and services in partnership with Sony Australia.

The Sony products will be used for all NEP’s sports productions in Australia across its mobile fleet and at its world-leading all-IP Andrews Hubs, starting with NEP’s live ultra-high definition (UHD-4K) cricket coverage for FOX SPORTS on November 4.

Director of Technology for NEP Australia Marc Segar explained: “From November, Australian cricket fans will be able to view live matches in greater clarity than ever before on  Foxtel’s new dedicated 4K channel, which will broadcast selected cricket matches in ultra high definition for the first time. We are working closely with Sony to deploy this new 4K infrastructure in time for the FOX SPORTS’ first live UHD-4K cricket match.”

 As part of this new 4K project, NEP has purchased multiple Sony XVS9000 high-end switchers (the first delivered in any market internationally), XVS8000 switchers with significant upgrades to 100Gb and IP, HDC4300 camera chains, HDCP43 box camera chains, BRC-X1000 remote PTZ cameras, HDC4800 super slo-mo cameras, BVM-X300 OLED monitors, BVM-E171 OLED critical reference monitors, additional HDCU4300 CCU in 4K IP configuration for NEP’s IP trucks, and 4K software upgrades for existing cameras.

 Segar added: “We have a high degree of confidence in Sony, having worked closely together on technology for NEP’s all-IP Andrews Hubs – both in deployment and product development. The results are testament to what’s possible when partnering with a true technology leader such as Sony.”

Sony XVS9000 high-end switcher

 Anthony Kable, Content Creation Group Manager for Sony Australia said: “This purchase of 4K equipment yet again demonstrates NEP’s forward-thinking innovation, and their commitment to producing the very best quality productions and images. Sony Australia has had a long and successful partnership with NEP, most recently collaborating to bring the incredible Andrews Hubs to fruition. We look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.”


NEP Australia will begin taking delivery of the new Sony 4K equipment in October 2018.


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Sony XVS9000 high-end switcher

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