Sony Releases v4.0 Firmware for F5 & F55 Cameras

Sony F5 and F55 cameras are quickly becoming the preferred cameras on a wide area of episodic and unscripted television productions nationwide. Helping to fuel this growing demand, earlier this month Sony released version 4.0 firmware for the F5 and F55 large sensor cameras and the AXS-R5 recorder. Committed to adding value and future- proofing the Sony CineAlta cameras, the version 4.0 release includes many key upgrades including User Generated 3D LUT’s via RAW VIEWER or DaVinci Resolve, Picture Cache, User Customizable Menu, and includes an SGAMUT3 release, providing a wider color space than SGAMUT3.CINE.

The full list of v4.0 upgrades follows below:

1. Picture Cache Recording
2. User Menu
3. Menu on the sub display
4. Simultaneous MPEG Proxy Recording for SStP (PMW-F55 only)
5. Seven color markers
7. Video bandwidth selection for the HD/2K video output
8. User 3D LUT
9. S-Log3 installed in Paint Menu
10. S-Gamut3/S-Log3
11. New Matrix options (PMW-F55 only)
12. Lens RET button can be used for the assignable button
13. Support HDMI V2.0 (PMW-F55 only)
14. CBK-DCB01 is supported
15. Support the latest CA-4000 firmware
16. Flashing Rec Tally before start recording on RAW Operation
17. Bug Fixes

At the same time, Sony recently announced the extension of their 0% Percent Financing for F55, F5, and FS700 cameras through September 30, 2014.
Take advantage of the offer by contacting your local reseller or contacting Band Pro in Burbank, Atlanta, New York, Munich or Tel Aviv


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