We’ve listed out some of the best Android & iOS apps available for shooting, blocking or collaborating on your film.

Go ahead, a few taps and you’ll have turned your Twitter machine into a fully fledged film studio. Who knows? You may just be the next Scorsese of Vine…


Story by Nicole Boyd






Social media app that allows you to shoot a video, upload it and Vyclone will edit and sync yours with all the other videos from the same event; creating a seamless, multi-camera video. This app comes into it’s own at concerts or when filming with a group or smartphone users.

Free and available on Android, iOS & Windows devices.



SL Director’s Viewfinder

This app turns your smartphone into a viewfinder. Easily block out your shots and frames with a selection of various formats, cameras & lenses.

AU$9.63 available for Android & iOS devices.




Excellent for stop motion video, this uses your instagram feed or gallery feed to create short slide show video’s. You can add music or a sound track to your video, titles, watermarks and timing; up to three minutes.

Free and available for Android & iOS devices.




Primarily known as a social media app, Vine allows users to shoot 7 seconds of video, pausing as often as you like. Make brief, creative masterpieces. Then post them straight to Twitter, Facebook or leave them on your Vine feed.

Free and available on Android, iOS & Windows devices.



Vidtrim Pro

Video editor and organizer. Trim your clips, extract audio to mp3, add colour filters, transcode, grab frames, and upload to youtube all within the app.

AU$4.30 available on Android devices only.




A cloud based storage service, which allows you to store and access your files from any smartphone, tablet or computer. An excellent way to share collaborative works or to easily sync your videos from your device to your desktop. Dropbox has a free 2GB account (which can be increased significantly through various marketing tools) or subscribe for larger storage options.

Free and available on Android, iOS & Windows devices.



Lapse It Pro

Using a native C++ render engine Lapse It allows you to create time-lapse or stop-motion videos on your device, edit (including reverse features), add titles and audio then upload your videos directly to the web. The pro version of the app renders up to 1080p in various framerates and extension types (free version only to 240p). There is no limit to the length of videos you create and each sequence is customizable with effects & filters.

AU$1.99 for Android and iOS devices.


Light Meter Tools

Light Meter Tools

A reflected light meter which features an incident light meter (using the device’s light sensor) and spot metering (using the device’s camera). The app’s marketing states it has “tested accurate against Gossen and Sekonic meters on most devices”. In addition, there is also a depth-of-field calculator, an EXIF Reader and a Sunny Sixteen calculator.

AU$3.35 For Android devices only. Also available in trial mode.



Pocket AC

A huge collection of tools, calculators, reference tables and charts to assist cinematographers and filmmakers in getting the shot right on the first take. Includes a depth-of-field calculator, split-focus, digital runtime, filesize & compression, focus chart, insert slate, shutter angle & exposure timer, film stocks, safe shutter angles, over 450 lens specifications and so much more. In fact, we’ve run out of space to list all the features it’s so chock full of them. Worth mentioning is the camera log (with built in presets) that supports emailing of CSV & HTML, a table/list view, insert slate view and production statistics (avg lens, total setups, avg setups per day, etc.). The app has support for 16 & 35mm, Arri Alexa, Blackmagic Design cameras, Red cameras, the Sony range, DSLRs and (again) more than we’ve space to list. The app was developed by a working camera assistant and is designed as functional industry-focused software.

AU$11.10 for Android devices only.



Jump Cam

Allows you to create collaborative videos with friends by inviting them to edit their clip into your film. The app automatically stitches the clips together (via the Jump Cam server) allowing users to make multi-cam edits and montages from invited friends or other users (when privacy settings allow). Features include effects & filters, soundtracks (in a variety of genres), full privacy controls and sharing via social media.

Free for Android and iOS devices.








This app extends the capabilities of your native iOS camera with multiple frame rates & resolutions. Whilst shooting you can switch from front-back cams, take frame grabs, zoom, pause/resume, stabilize and live audio metering.

AU$2.99  for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.




Create 30 second videos with a range of looks, effects and filters, then add music to your finished film. One-click share to email, SMS, social media and blogs with hashtags and geo-tagging.

Free and available on Android, iOS & Windows.



Filmic Pro

Turns your iPhone into a broadcast quality HD camera. Included in the app is a 4x zoom with full control over, focus and exposure, white balance and variable frame rates/resolutions. Also a host of motion FX, audio meters, and aspect ratio overlays help turn your smartphone into a functional, mobile HD video camera.

In addition, Filmic recently teamed up MXL Microphones , who have just released a new series of Mobile Media microphones.

AU$5.49 for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.




Live-preview colour effects & filters while recording. The app has over 110 colour grades, effects, filters and blending modes. Similar to the kinds of filters Instagram was made famous for, this app goes one step further in allowing a live-preview mode and HD recording whilst using the filters.

Free for iOS with In-App purchases for further effect racks.




A mobile video editor based on the Apple pc software of the same name. Allows you to edit, add titles & effects, transitions, shoot directly to your timeline, create slow-motion, picture-in-picture, & split-screen, add a soundtrack and share your films straight from the app to the web. With a full screen iMovie theater that is accessible from all Apple devices with iCloud and wireless streaming with Apple TV. In addition, you can send iMovie projects to others (via AirDrop) for further editing.

AU$5.49 for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.



Helios Sun Position Calculator

Visually shows the position of the sun at any time of the day or night, on any given day. Excellent for pre-planning shoots and shot-lists that require sunlight or for when your scene has specific daylight requirements. The app has a number of different views, including a Virtual Sun View (an augmented reality showing you the path of the sun) and a Map View (showing the direction of the sun overlaid onto a map of the location).

AU$31.99 for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.




All-in-one video camera and editor, which allows you to editor your videos on the fly. Import clips, add transitions, overlay snapshots and titles, set in/out points, split clips and add a soundtrack whilst still capturing the event. The app also lets you record and live-switch from up to 16 iOS devices at the same time allowing you to create multi-camera videos seamlessly.

AU$31.99 for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.



Camera Plus Pro

Another app that extends the capabilities of your iPhone camera. Allowing live-view of filters/effects, pause, geo-tagging, fast auto-save, time-lapse and a zoom which features a digital stabilizer (shake resistance). The app includes a simple photo editor as well.

AU$1.99 for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.




This app turns your iOS camera into a Super 8mm digital camera. Using Tru8™Processing the app grades your videos and has a number of customizable film stock filters to give your videos a retro feel. The app features adjustable frame-rates, film burn, scratches & dust, vignette, leader and framing styles. In-app purchases are available for further grading styles.

AU$1.99for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. Also available for Windows.




Create multi-cam videos on-the-fly between (up to) 4 iOS devices using live-editing via WiFi hotspots. The app features the ability to queue the next camera on stand-by, create action cues for directing operators, generate a credits roll, export the edited video to your camera roll or individual clips for further editing in other apps/software.

AU$5.49for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.




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