Earlier this year at NAB, Rode Microphones released the ‘worlds smallest wireless microphone’ and they were kind enough to send V&F a unit to test and review.

Check out the video here

Now we have sat on this for about a month now as we wanted to test the ‘Wireless Go‘ thoroughly.

We got our hands on the Canon c700FF and strapped the Wireless go onto it and took it for a spin. To set the scene we filmed in the middle of the city so RF traffic was heavy.

We also ran a more expensive ‘professional’ wireless system on a second c300mk2 to compare.

As anybody that shoots run and gun style in the city knows that being able to Mic up talent, scan for frequency and start record clean audio can be challenging.  We found the Wireless GO really easy to set up and mount onto the camera. The light weight receiver is also a nice change on a heavy shoulder rig. We found the audio to be super clean even against the more expensive pro unit and among all the other RF traffic. Having a mic built into the transmitter is also great when you need to quickly mic up talent. The unit actually has a clip on the unit itself so you can literally clip it onto the subjects shirt or jacket.


Who is the Wireless Go aimed at?

My initial thoughts were that this unit was aimed at entry level users and vloggers  but after using it my mind has been changed.

I personally think that this unit suits entry level users, vloggers and professionals alike. This system is a simple, no fuss solution for great quality wireless audio.

As a professional camera operator, would I use the Wireless Go as my main lapel mic set up, NO.

BUT  the price point is affordable enough to keep the Wireless Go kit in your camera bag as a very good back up or for when you are needing a super quick wireless solution in a run and gun situation or when you need to capture audio on a gimbal mounted camera.

The RØDE Wireless GO transmitter measures in at 44 x 45.3 x 18.5mm and only weighs 31g. This compact size and weight make it a good companion when using smaller sized cameras or saving valuable real estate on larger cameras that have multiple accessories hanging of it.

Similarly, the RX measures in at 44 x 46.4 x 18.5mm and also only weighs 31g It has a dual-purpose mount to clip onto a camera strap or mount directly onto a hot shoe. The belt clip is actually the width of a cold shoe so you don’t have to attach any other accessory or hot shoe mount.

key features:

  • Ultra-compact digital wireless microphone system, only 31grams each
  • Dual purpose transmitter with a built-in omnidirectional microphone and external 3.5mm TRS input
  • Three-stage output pad on the RX (0db, -6db & -12db)
  • All-new Series III 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission with 128-bit encryption
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries, charged via USB-C
  • Up to 7 hours on a full charge, including a battery saver mode
  • Easy, intuitive interface
  • For Mobile Journalist, Videographer
  • Built-In Omni Mic & 3.5mm Mic Input
  • Miniature Clip-On Transmitter
  • Miniature Clip-On Receiver
  • Easy Setup with No Menus
  • Bright, Informative LCD Screen
  • Battery Status & Audio Level on Display
  • Up to 8 Mics on Set / 230′ Range
  • $299 AU

What’s in the box?

  • Rode Wireless GO Compact Wireless Microphone System (2.4 GHz)
  • 2 x Fur Windshields
  • Storage Pouch
  • SC2 Right-Angle 3.5mm TRS Coiled Patch Cable
  • USB Type-A to USB Type-C Cable
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty, Extendable to 2 Years upon Registration

Photo Credit: @StuHeppel

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