In this Red Giant tutorial, Dan “Hashi” Hashimoto, the Action Movie Dad, travels the circuits of time to show viewers how to recreate Bill and Ted’s iconic time traveling phone booth in Cinema 4D and construct stunning VFX and compositing in Adobe After Effects with tools from Red Giant’s VFX, Trapcode and Magic Bullet Suites. 

Hashi takes viewers on a step-by-step process of his visual effects starting with the creation of the customised phonebooth and egg-shaped time pod in Cinema 4D. In order to create the animation for the phone booth, Hashi pulled in a 3D model from Sketchfab and created the time pod from scratch in Cinema 4D. Further into the tutorial, Hashi shows how he developed the effects around the phonebooth traveling through time with Trapcode Particular, VFX Supercomp, Magic Bullet Renoiser and other tools. Concluding the episode, Hashi demonstrates how to create a VR environment to use as a reflection map utilising Trapcode Particular.

The full set of tools used includes:

Maxon Cinema 4D: Cinema 4D is an Academy Sci-Tech award-winning professional 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software solution. Its powerful and flexible toolset makes 3D workflows more accessible for design professionals. 

VFX Supercomp: Supercomp is a compositing environment that makes it easy to create complex, seamless composites. In Supercomp, light and atmospheric effects interact with all layers and elements of a scene in a far more natural way, and with far less pre-composing in After Effects than ever before.

VFX Reflection: This tool makes it easy to add a reflection to layers and with controls for softness, distance fade, length and more, this effect goes far beyond the standard methods for creating reflections.

VFX Optical Glow: A blazing fast, drop-dead gorgeous, photo-realistic glow effect for After Effects and Premiere Pro, Optical Glow makes adding picture-perfect glow effects to projects incredibly simple. 

Trapcode Particular: Create organic 3D particle effects, complex motion graphics elements and more in After Effects. Now with Fluid Dynamics.

Trapcode Form: Create 3D particle grids and objects in After Effects for visually stunning results.

Trapcode Tao: Generate 3D geometries along a path in After Effects.

Trapcode Horizon: A plugin for After Effects, Trapcode Horizon allows for use of 360 degree image maps or creation of multi-color gradients as an infinite background for 3D compositions.

Magic Bullet Looks: Magic Bullet Looks is designed to give filmmakers powerful looks and color correction, with over 200 fully-customizable Look presets and over 40 tools to customize or build new Looks. Get the best, most-intuitive color correction experience in the industry.

Magic Bullet Renoiser: This tool breathes life into digital footage with cinematic texture and grain.

Red Giant:

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