What happens when you mix two top-tier film mixers and a swathe of the best analogue gear? Such Sweet Thunder of course.  Australian engineer…

The art of making a historical documentary

Tomorrow we’re delivering the final master of The Story of the Road. A documentary that tells the story of the construction of The Great Ocean Road, built by returned soldiers from WWI. We’ve been working on it for a year and as they say in reality TV world, the process has been quite the ‘journey’. The ups and downs have been on par with the Matterhorn roller coaster. And at times it has felt more like a sprint than a marathon. But we’re currently staring down the finish line and we’re bloody excited to see our work on the cinema screen in a few weeks time. We’re also very proud of the story that we’ve been able to tell. Here are some of the lessons we learnt on this ‘journey’ they call documentary making.

Have you ever wanted a DIY guide to making a film? well we have you covered!

Have you ever wanted a DIY guide to making a film? well we have found one!As a filmmaker we face many challenges and unfortunately there is no substitute for experience. Experienced Director and Filmmaker Usher Morgan has put pen to paper or should we say finger to key and written the complete guide to life on set.

After releasing his debut feature film to wide acclaim, filmmaker Usher Morgan (Prego, Windblown, Pickings) decided to write a filmmaking book which detailed his approach to writing, directing, and producing his own work, as well as the steps he took to distribute and market his film, Pickings, and release it to theaters across the nation.

filmmakers guide on how to mic your talent

Experienced filmmakers and soundos know…if you’re working with lavs, finding a good place to hide it without sacrificing audio quality can be challenging, especially when your talent’s clothes , or lack there of, aren’t doing you any favours.

Making an Indie Film? HERE are our Top 5 Survival VFX Tips

If you dream of being a movie maker, it’s no longer as hard as it used to be. Today’s amazing technology has brought visual effects (VFX) and film making tools within reach of just about anyone with a creative idea and some time to learn.

VFX lets you, as a film producer, create scenes by manipulating footage and adding effects digitally to create professional films that look very real on a tight budget. If you were creating the same scenes on a live-action set, you may be looking at dangerous situations or a boatload of money.

By taking advantage of the VFX tools available, an indie filmmaker can create independent, professional films that can, at times, rival the motion picture movie houses at a fraction of the cost. Check out tools such as Motion Array video effects that put amazing visual effects, light leaks, and transitions at your fingertips. Here are the top five survival tips for incorporating VFX.

One of Thailand’s top film studios scores a first with Sony’s VENICE

Thailand’s role as a movie-making hub in Southeast Asia is growing from strength to strength. Encouraged by generous film grants and a movie-loving population, Thai movies are enjoying box-office success, at home and abroad.Thai filmmaker Chayanop Boonprakob or Khun Moo, draws his inspiration for his movies from his very own experiences. His directorial debut, Suckseed(2011) was inspired by his passion for music. This was followed byMay Who?, another box-office hit movie which drew heavily from his love for comics and animation.Buoyed by the success of his films, Khun Moo was ready for bigger things. His latest film, Friend Zone gave him the perfect canvas to push his creative boundaries.The bittersweet romance-comedy which opened on Valentine’s Day in 2019 to rave reviews is also Thailand’s first feature film that is shot entirely on Sony’s breakthrough Cine Alta VENICE Full-Frame Digital Motion Picture Camera System