The company creating the new hard drives is Foremay, Inc., a silicon valley based generic producer of computer hardware.

The new 4TB & 8TB SSDs are said to be the largest capacity HDs in the 2.5″ form, with standard third generation SATA interfaces, (a.k.a., SATA 3, SATA III, SATA 3.0 or SATA 6 Gb/s).

Read/write speeds up to 500 MB/s, and high random read/write IOPS up to 100,000, with both enterprise operating temperatures and industrial operating temperatures. Also, the drives come with AES-256 bit hardware encryption as well as optional self-encryption algorithms (compliant TCG Opal 2.0).

“Our 4TB and 8TB large capacity SATA 3 drives are offered as solutions for ruggedized servers and enterprise servers,” said Jack Winters, Foremay’s Chief Technology Officer. “When we asked our customers what we should do for the next step in SSDs, most replied with capacity, capacity and capacity. We believe our 4TB and 8TB 2.5″ SATA SSDs can help system designers innovate to the next level of high density and highly reliable systems in both enterprise and industrial applications.”

Price and Availability

No word as yet on price, but we expect them to put quite the dent in your wallet when they’re released sometime next year.

More info: www.foremay.net


Excerpts from PR

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