Livestream has made a move into the consumer market with a new pocket-sized live event camera named – Movi. Not to be confused with the brushless gimbal, this new Movi allows users to edit while they capture, and share their live events with the polished look of a multi-camera production.

This little camcorder will fit in the palm of your hand and features a 4K sensor, with a 150-degree all glass lens and an iOS app that will allow you to control up to nine virtual HD cameras. It’s designed for recording live events, such as concerts, conferences, sports or even school plays.

The marketing puts the little cam on par with professional video services, which seems a bit of a stretch. Despite it’s 150-degree pan, it is still a static camera and can’t really be compared to large production live-event studio capture. What it does do, is put a relatively inexpensive device into the hands of consumers, that has multi-camera functionality.

Live editing includes the ability to pan, zoom, and cut between multiple live shots. It also features built-in movement detection and tracking, that allow it to make camera movement and editing decisions automatically. Users can share their fully edited videos to their social media or simultaneously stream their event live with an optional subscription starting at around US$9 per month.

Jesse Hertzberg, CEO of Livestream, said,“Movi will revolutionise the way people capture and share their live events by allowing them to take true pride in the new way they share their stories and captivate their audiences through video.”



Movi is expected to begin shipping in early April for US$399. There is a limited pre-order special available currently for US$200.

For more info, check: getmovi.com.



Live Edit in HD

  • Live editing on the fly between 9 virtual HD cameras using an iPhone app, with simple features that include: tap to cut, pinch to zoom, and drag to pan.
  • Automated editing mode with smart people recognition and movement tracking.
  • Minimum input/maximum output: 4K sensor captures high-quality video, built-in microphone array and DSP provides audio quality.

Effortless Sharing

  • Stream live in HD with quality and ease – broadcast your event live on the web and mobile (with an optional subscription).
  • Store now, share later – includes 16GB microSD card to record and store your video, plus built-in features that make it easy to share your video immediately on websites, social networks or via email.
  • Cloud connected, Wi-Fi enabled to ensure high-quality Internet connectivity.

Simple, Unobtrusive Design

  • One pocket-sized camera does it all.
  • Stealthy enough to put right on stage with the action.
  • No rig required – designed to set up in seconds and get out of the way so you can stay focused on the event, not the gear.
  • Comes with everything you need to start your production, including a mount to attach Movi to virtually any stand.


Excerpts from Press Release.

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