ARRI’s L7-C, has just received a 25% brightness boost due to advancements in LED technology.

The fresnel light is to be updated with Light Engine 2 (LE2), allowing it to be significantly brighter whilst still only consuming 160 watts.

Whilst still containing its tunability from 2,800 – 10,000K, and features such as green/magenta correction, hue and saturation control, etc.

LE2 now comes as standard with every new L7-C purchase, with an update available for existing lights.

The complete line of L7s includes the L7-TT and L7-DT, as well as the new L7-C.

Similar model shown (Source: Supplied)

Similar model shown (Source: Supplied)

Price and Availability

The LE2 (Light Engine 2) now comes as standard with every L7-C, which can be purchased for around US$2680. An upgrade for existing L7-Cs with LE1 is also available.


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