The Belgium arm of AV manufacturer Studiotech, has designed and launched the Mobile NLE Studio, a complete non-linear editing system for on-location and away-from-home editing.

The new editing system offers everything you would expect for non-linear editing in a ‘Grab and Go’ box, with an easy to set up workspace, that’s capable of handling major projects on-the-fly.


The system comes with Avid Media Composer, a HP 17” Zbook laptop (or similar), an Avid Mojo DX data acquisition card, monitoring screen, video patch for I/O connections, and a microphone for voice-overs. It is a lightweight system that fully complies with international airline regulations, and has accessible inputs/outputs, in a portable, heavy-duty transport case.


The mobile system allows you to edit independently on a film set, location or on-the-field reporting, mixing all your media via the same timeline,  SDI or HDSDI video file. With listening, video playback, doing a voiceover in real-time and mixing via dial-on-demand Avid Cloud, FTP transfer, and automated compression.

The new mobile editing unit was recently been trialled very successfully in Senegal for the Sommet de la Francophonie.

There’s no word on price for these systems as yet, or when they’ll be available for purchase or hire.

Fore more info, check: or to check out the PDF pamphlet, click here.


Excerpts from PR.

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