Shot-Line – An Inexpensive Remote Controlled Cable Cam for DSLR

Shot-Line is the culmination of 12 months design and work between Rycreation LTD, Sam Stewart Photography and Doughty Engineering. They found that while searching for a cable operated system to run anything from a GoPro to a broadcast quality DSLR they could only find professional systems that were either too expensive to buy or rent, or they would have to build our own based on many different designs found on video streaming sites and other instructional websites!

This got them thinking that it leaves a lot of people stranded when it comes to line mounted films and clips. With such a huge market for amateur film makers like extreme sport fanatics, wildlife film makers and everyone in between. They started designing, in order to bring an affordable easy to use and rugged device that could deliver the required conditions to record stable high quality film anywhere – without the need for huge cases, massive teams to set up and the LARGE price tags!

They developed Shot-Line to fit easily in a rucksack, small Peli Case, even a plastic bag so that you could take it anywhere easily without trouble. They didn’t want it just to be compact though, Shot-Line is developed to be set up and ready to film on a line within 5-10 minutes by a single person, that includes rope setup as well as mounting the device on the line. The device was tested on 15-50 metre lengths, and they found it can travel further, although machine winches or heavy duty ratchets are needed to ensure user and device safety.

Shot-Line gives the user the ability to attach many different mounts and/or cameras and still provide stable speeds up and down the line, while also providing continuous rotation at a variable speed. Another advantage to the system is its durability, the enclosed system means that Shot-Line can stand up to dust, scratches and bumps.

During development they also wanted to reduce noise, while offering interesting upgrades to get your unit up and down line. For this a belt drive system was chosen, that reduces the level of noise at lower speeds, but also allows for the changing of the drive wheel to alter the gearing for even higher top end speeds.

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