Cinemart CINEC Plin – ProRes Plugin for Windows Users

This year’s round of new cameras all seemed to have a single common feature – recording in ProRes. Which is great for Mac users, however, Window’s NLE editors are left in a quandary of dodgy convertors and the like.

Luckily,  Cinemartin, (who also have their own ProRes conversion software), have now announced the release of Cinemartin Cinec PLIN – a plugin for NLE editors that allow users to export to Prores and H.265 directly from the editor.

The plugin for Windows users will initially only be available for Adobe Premiere CS 5.5, CS 6.0 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC versions, however future upgrades will become available for Sony Vegas and Avid Media Composer.

Once installed, PLIN allows NLE users to export the sequence timeline (the master mix) directly to all flavors of Apple ProRes and to latest HEVC H.265 among others codecs.

Using PLIN is pretty straight forward


On Adobe Premiere go to menu File → Export → Cinemartin Cinec Plin, will open the plugin




The plugin allow you to select ProRes 4444 or Prores 422 and HEVC H.265 as output codecs, select one or more, select the framerate, the aspect ratio and the resolution (supported up to 4K DCI compatible) and press Encode.

This plugin, part of the new recently released Cinec video converter family, also feature multi-cpu core processing, with up to 6 CPU-Cores.

The plugin will be released in May 2014 with pre-orders beginning from April 21st. Cinemartin PLIN, will be available in 3 versions, Standard, Professional and Gold (no pricing as yet).
More info about this Adobe Premiere ProRes export converter plugin for pc windows on their website:




  • Reply November 2, 2015

    Paul Fairchild

    Be very wary dealing with the company (Cinemartin) behind this plugin. We purchased (circa $600 USD) their ProRes plugin (Cinemartin Cinec PLIN) for Premiere Pro and After Effects. It did not work. We contacted their support team and were told to re-install Windows and all our applications – an endeavour that we balked at given it would take us days. We have never had an application fail to work before. We asked for a refund immediately but our request was refused. We argued our case – the firm stuck to their ‘no refund’ policy. We argued again and they refused to listen. We’re stuck with an expensive plugin (circa $600 USD) that does not work. The experience of dealing with Cinemartin has been a huge headache and costly for us. Would we ever buy from them again? Never.

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