The Swivl C-Series Robot is an automated video coaching, presentation, and collaboration device, allowing ‘hand’s free’ recording on your tablet or smartphone.

The robot follows you as you move, rotating your smart-device with a 360º pan and a 25º tilt. It allows the simultaneous connection of up to 4 markers, switching focus between each by pressing a button.

This is the third-generation video automation robot from Swivl, and the company has incorporated years of user-submitted suggestions & feedback.

The new C-Series robot has twice the response time of previous versions and has a completely redesigned audio system, allowing pro-sound quality with your smart-devices. It also allows you to connect a speaker (via USB) to the robot, giving you an instant PA system when using it during a presentation or class.

Swivl C-Series Robot Marker

Swivl C-Series Robot Marker

It features a Lightning interface, improved marker controls, a protective carrying case, a rechargeable Lithium battery (with up to 6-hours of run time) and a 1-year subscription to Swivl ‘Pro’ Cloud. The robot can be used with both iOS and Android smart-devices, but you’ll need to purchase an additional cable for Android connection.

When used with Swivl’s ‘Present‘ app (available June 2016), users can live-stream events, capture videos, and host them online or allow remote collaborators to ‘steer’ the device. There’s also a free ‘Practice’ app, that allows users to build a portfolio of content and get video feedback from other users to hone their presentation skills.

Both apps work in conjunction with the Swivl Cloud, which gives users unlimited video storage and tools.

Also, it’s worth noting that the company has released an Expand Case for iPad, which comes with a grip adapter for the robot and features a wide-angle lens for the front-facing camera.swivl-c-series-robot-side


The Swivl C-Series Robot is available now for purchase and is priced at AU$899.95 (Incl. GST).

For more info, check: www.swivl.com

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