FRAME.IO: COLLABORATION NOW has finally launched its video review, collaboration and sharing platform, which allows teams to transfers files, review videos, chat, edit and make changes to the project with all members remaining on the same page and up-to-date with one another.

The platform is primarily focused on post-production collaboration and does away with the need for multiple cloud storage or Dropbox accounts, Vimeo (for reviewing) or email and Google hangouts for communicating with team members.

Mercifully, not all team members need to subscribe to the top tier package to be able to use the service, the company has released an ‘always free’ version that allows short-term team members or clients the ability to collaborate with fully subscribed members. Albeit, with far less online storage and fewer collaborators.

If you do freelance work, the free version would be a great way for your clients to review your work and give you feedback for re-edits. Alternatively, if you’re working on a feature or you run a production house, the larger subscription packages allow unlimited collaborators.

Best of all, it doesn’t require all team members to be in the same place, city or even country. Need to send off your rotoscoping or wire-work to Malaysia, but don’t have your own private FTP? Then this might be the solution you’re looking for.

When using the platform, each action that’s performed is tied to individual members and tracked, so that all members can see what’s going on, and receive notifications whenever changes are made. Team leaders (or directors) can create a private workspace for each project and decide who has access to what.

comment-video-player co-founder and CEO Emery Wells came up with the platform originally as a solution for his post-production house, Katabatic Digital. He told Planet 5D, that once his company had grown a large base of clients, it became problematic having to use a number of third-party services to simply review a video for feedback, let alone collaborating with other filmmakers.

“Dropbox, private Vimeo links and email for communications; time code for comments that never had the correct time code; clients using other tools like HighTail, YouSendIt, and private FTP — it just became a mess,” said Wells.

The final release has come after an extensive beta program, which included feedback from over 680 users representing 150 companies.​

“We’ve been thrilled by the response to our private beta program, and we’ve really learned a lot about how teams want to work together to produce video,” said Wells.

“We’ve worked with a cross-section of freelance editors, VFX artists and corporate content marketing teams from a diverse portfolio of companies such as Facebook, Nice Shoes, Birchbox and Refinery 29. The feedback we’ve received has been tremendous and it’s really driven the development and refinement of the product. really is designed by video pros, for video pros. We’re proud and excited to release and we can’t wait to see where our customers will take us from here.”


  • Accelerated uploading in the browser for fast and efficient media file loading
  • Cloud transcoding of video assets for guaranteed playback on any device; with support for professional formats
  • Hover scrubbing for instant preview of clips
  • Seamless drag and drop interface for simple manipulation of files, content and communications
  • Private workspace for managing separate projects
  • Time-based, frame-specific comments and annotations for clearer communication
  • Side by side version comparison for clear, simple view of changes between versions​


  • Free: 1 project, up to 2G of storage – 5 collaborators
  • Starter: $15 per-month, 3 projects, 10G of storage – 10 collaborators
  • Professional: $25 per-month, unlimited projects, 50G of storage – 25 collaborators
  • Team: $50 per-month, unlimited projects, 100G of storage, 5 team members – 50 collaborators
  • Business: $150 per-month, unlimited projects, 400G of storage, 15 team members – unlimited collaborators is available now, for more info, check:

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